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American roots of the Soviet T-34 tank

In the second half of World War I, the tank was created as a support device for infantry, a kind of mobile stronghold, which was to allow the infantry to advance through enemy defensive zones with numerous wire barriers and multiple trench systems. The defensive zone reached a depth of several tens of kilometers and the whole area was shot by machine guns and cannons. During the advance, the slowly crawling tank not only provided the infantry with protection from the enemy's machine-gun fire, but also silenced enemy fireballs with its cannons and machine guns, dug passages in wire barriers and was able to fill the trenches with hats that he carried ...

BT fast tanks in combat

The American tanks of the designer Walter Christie indisputably laid the foundations of modern Soviet tanks. Soviet designers, workers and the entire production base gained a lot of experience in their modifications and production. It's time to show what the new tanks can do in combat.

BT-2 Birth in severe pain

On July 18, 1929, the Soviet Military Council issued Protocol No. 29, in which it defined the requirements for new armament of tank and mechanized units of the Red Army. At the same time, in accordance with Lenin's theory of the "export of revolution," plans for offensive operations into the depths of the enemy's territory were developed. This required weapons. A lot of weapons.

BT-5 and BT-7 Continuers of the family

The production of the BT-2 tank initially faced considerable difficulties, but gradually gained momentum. Nevertheless, it was clear that the new tank, as copied from the American model, was not the most suitable for service in the difficult conditions of the Soviet Union. It was necessary to make changes.

Clash of titans

The anniversary of the outbreak of the Soviet-German war provides an opportunity to recall some moments and ambiguities in the preparation and launch of hostilities. In this case, we will try to generalize certain data concerning tank units and their armament on both sides of the war. Although this topic has been studied in great detail in Russian literature for the last 15 years, we have preserved very outdated information in this field, at best from the early 1990s, at worst even the ideological floppy of Soviet propaganda.

Medium tank T-54

Medium tank T - 54 is a combat tracked vehicle armed with a 100mm cannon and a coupled machine gun caliber 7.62 mm. It represents the next stage of development
T - 54 A tank, mainly by increasing the protection of the crew and equipment of the tank against the effects of weapons of mass destruction.

Medium tank T-55

Medium tank T - 55A is a combat tracked vehicle armed with a 100 mm cannon and a coupled machine gun caliber 7.62 mm. It represents the next stage of development of the T - 55 tank.

Medium tank T-72

Tank T-72 is a combat, armored, tracked vehicle armed with a smooth bore cannon with a main caliber of 125 mm, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and an anti-aircraft machine gun caliber 12.7 mm.

On his birthday

Taran, the weapon of heroes!
... or talking about the tank T-34/76 of Stepan Christoforovich Gorobec.

Piston aircraft engine M-5 (Liberty 12)

The Ikar plant proposed to organize the production of powerful engines and in 1922 received an order for their production, and the American Liberty-12 and the French Hispano-Suiza 8Fb (M-6) with 400 and 300 hp were selected as samples. The Liberty-12 was an American aircraft engine manufactured since the end of 1917.

Stalin's Ground Cruisers (Part 1)

In the 1920s and 1930s, several types of multi-tower tanks with various armaments were created. This concept quickly became obsolete, but at the time it was created, it was not as meaningless as it might seem at first glance, seen through the lens of today.

Stalin's Ground Cruisers (Part 2)

Although the SMK and T-100 tanks were visually similar, the overall concept had some fundamental differences that may not be obvious at first glance. Although the combat significance of both tanks was episodic, it is definitely an interesting branch of development, although doomed by further development.




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