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"Rocket fired!"

Training sharp rocket fire of Czechoslovak and Czech fighters in the USSR, GDR and Poland 1960-2002.


Dogfights have always attracted attention. Since the First World War, their participants have been considered heroes, stories have been written about nothing, and they have become idols of generations. However, the reality of air combat is much more prosaic. Whatever the motivation of the pilots to fight, there was always a winner on one side and a loser on the other in a crippled or burning plane falling to the ground. This series deals with the struggle from their beginning to the modern age, when the sky is steadily ruled by jet engines.

Ground-effect vehicle (1) - Orljonok - Just above the waves

Screen planes are a special type of vehicle that uses the ground effect. It is a machine on the border between an aircraft and a wing speedboat. The question is whether it is a low-flying aircraft or a ship "floating" just above the surface. Even users have been arguing for a long time where and under whose command they should belong. Whether under the Navy or under the Air Force.

Ground-effect vehicle (3) - Experimental planes SM-1 to SM-8

In previous works, we dealt with the history of the Orljonok transport screen. Another branch of development was the project of an airplane plan armed with anti-ship missiles. We will focus on its development in the further continuation of the series, but before that we will get acquainted with the family of experimental screenplanes, without which the operationally usable ones could never have been created.

Ground-effect vehicle (4) - Kaspian Monster and Lun

After a series of experimental planes, it was time to build full-scale planes, the potential of which would be higher than just the verification of new technologies. It is necessary to keep in mind that the main potential customer was VMF and this required a machine capable of combat deployment.

Suchoj T-4 Sotka - Aircraft carrier hunter

The USSR tried to cover the absence of aircraft carriers in its fleet by developing submarine forces and aircraft designed to fight the American CVBG ( Carrier Battle Group ). Suchoj T-4 was supposed to be a specialist in aircraft carrier hunting, but in the end it turned out completely different ...

Tu-22 - Beauty with many vices

Tu-22 bombers are currently being destroyed in Ukraine and Russia. It is a remnant of the Cold War and a representative of the long-extinct category of medium bombers, which disappeared from service in the late 70's. The Tu-22 survived in service for a surprisingly long time, despite the fact that it was a structure that did not work very well and the crew and ground staff did not have much love for this aircraft.

Where did the Iraqi Air Force go?

Iraq - a country that had the fourth largest army in the world during the reign of Saddam Hussein, had a large number of armored vehicles and a large number of combat aircraft. Therefore, it is astonishing that the combat activity of the Iraqi Air Force since 1991 has been negligible. The following photos may reveal where Saddam Hussein hid his planes ...

















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