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American submarines in the Pacific

The Tambor-class submarines with which the US Navy went to war were fast enough and far-reaching to become submarines to be deployed throughout the fleet, according to naval planners. But they never had the opportunity to prove their qualities.
The attack on Pearl Harbor changed everything. From December 7, 1941, the US Navy again learned how to use its fleet of submarines. Because there was no war fleet, submarines were currently the only naval offensive weapon available. They were sent with an instruction to dive anything anytime.

Seawolf class submarines - Part 1

US Seawolf-class attack nuclear submarines were designed during the height of the Cold War. Their primary purpose was to destroy Soviet submarines in icy Arctic waters. A number of innovative elements were used in the construction of Seawolf class units, which was to ensure them a great advantage even over the best submarines of the enemy.


Thresher was the most modern submarine of the US Navy based on the previous vessels Skipjack and Tullibee, it was a torpedo submarine of the so-called third generation, according to which another 25 were to be built.





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