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Video prezentace KPVH Pardubicko, o.s.

Dear colleagues, friends, military history,

I present to You a link to a short video presentation of the Club of friends of military history from Pardubice. It's my home guild, which represents the unit of the infantry regiment no. 98 of vysoke Myto. About the regiment, I in 2011 wrote a book Kujebáci and in the present, and the second connecting part of the Soldiers of the Great war, or the reverent places pěš. regiment no. 98. The publication will go to the attention of the readers in the spring of 2016.

Presentation KPVH Pardubicko, o. s.

Bonus with a good ending

I wish a good gawp

E.F. Fldw. Vladimir Mucha
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