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Michael Wittmann

SS Captain Michael Wittmann was the most successful and best-known tank commander of World War II. He was born on April 22, 1914 in Vogelthal near Oberpfalz. His father Johann Wittmann was a local farmer. On February 1, 1934, Wittmann joined the Reichsarbeitdienst RAD (German Workers' Party) and was a member of it for 6 months. On October 30, 1934 he enlisted in the German Army to the 19th Infantry Regiment as a soldier.

The Nibelungs on air

Indeed, it is true that Adolf Hitler enjoyed the music of Richard Wagner, especially in the opera Rienzi, and that regular radio protectorate reports on the successes of the Wehrmacht and the number of sunken Allied cargo were given by Wagnerian fanfares ...

Wolf's East German intelligence chief has died

The lives of Markus Wolf, who died at the age of 83 on Monday, November 7, 2006, are unparalleled in the world of intelligence services. He was appointed head of East German intelligence at the age of thirty and remained in this position for 33 years. He is one of the legends of espionage - but if one can talk about legends in a positive sense in this world of intrigue and filth.