WS-1E (122 mm raketomet)

WS-1E / 衛士1E型
Originální název:
Original Name:
samohybný raketometný komplex self propelled multiple rocket launcher complex
Sichuan Aerospace Industry Corporation, Chengdu
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
Střela / Munice:
Missile / Ammunition:
122mm raketa WS-1E (s rôznymi hlavicami / 122 mm rocket WS-1E with different warheads)
Odpalovací / Palebné prostředky:
Launch / Firing Means:
6 x MF-40 (odpaľovacie zariadenie na kolesovom podvozku Tiema XC2200 / rocket launcher on wheeled chassis Tiema XC2200)
Prostředky velení, řízení a průzkumu:
Command, Control and Surveillance Means:
1 x DZ-88B (stredisko riadenia paľby / fire control system)
Prostředky technického zabezpečení:
Technical Support Means:
6 x ? (nabíjací prepravník so 120 - 160 raketami / Rockets per launch truck with 120 - 160 rockets)
Výcvikové prostředky:
Training Means:
samohybný mobile
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
WS - Weishi (strážca) WS - Weishi (guardian)
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WS-1E - 122 mm rocket launcher.
Manufacturer:Sichuan Aerospace Industry Corporation, People's Republic of China.

The WS-1E is characterized by high accuracy, density of fire, long range and strong effect achieved in the target area. The WS-1E can simultaneously use older 122 mm calibre rockets.

The rocket launcher is designed for attacks against military bases, ports, airfields, communication centres and military industrial facilities. Other targets may be missile firing positions of the army and artillery, or other area military targets.

The WS-1E rocket launcher system consists of:
- 122 mm WS-1E rocket
- ground equipment

The 122 mm WS-1E rocket consists of:
- warhead
- a single-stage solid propellant rocket motor
- igniter
- tail (rudder) section

Ground equipment consists of:
- MF-40 launcher
- fire control centre DZ-88B

The 122 mm WS-1E rocket launcher is based on the 302 mm WS-1 rocket launcher with which it shares several parts (fire control system, launcher chassis, etc.)

The WS-1E rocket launcher is a conventional tactical weapon. The rocket launcher is an armament of a rocket launcher section of a brigade (division) or a directly subordinate artillery unit of an army corps. The basic firing unit in the organizational structure of the PLA is the battery. The battery consists of a fire control center DZ-88B(1 vehicle, 5 manned), six MF-40 launchers (6 vehicles, 3 manned each), and six reloading transporters (120-160 missiles on each vehicle).

The 122 mm WS-1E missile can be equipped with a variety of warheads. The following warheads are currently available:
- shatter-resistant warhead with steel balls
- fragmentation warhead
- submunition warhead
- high explosive warhead (fuel air explosion)
- Sensor-fuzed cluster

Takticko-technické údaje:
WS-1E missile:
- Caliber: 122 mm
- weight: 74 kg
- length: 2946 mm
- propulsion: single-stage solid rocket motor
- number of rockets in the launcher: 40~50
- range: min. 20000 m, max. 40000 m
- warhead weight: 18~22 kg (Sichuan Aerospace Industry Corporation)
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122 mm WS-1E rocket launcher firing. The rocket launcher can fire single rockets or can fire all rockets simultaneously (salvo).
WS-1E (122 mm raketomet) - 122 mm raketomet WS-1E pri streľbe

122 mm raketomet WS-1E pri streľbe
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