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War of the Austrian Succession [1740-1748]


Historical timeline of the 8th Infantry Regiment

It deals with the origin and course of the existence of the 8th Infantry Regiment. The Military Historical Association in Brno agrees with the publication. Authors: Milan Koudelka and Vladimír Holík VHS-BRNO

Wars of Silesian Heritage and the Seven Years' Wa

The Wars of Silesian Heritage and the Seven Years' War took up more than twenty years of the 18th century. However, this is too short a time for reviews of regional history, so we will find more detailed references in only a few publications listed in the bibliography. While collecting the material, I completely accidentally discovered a folk legend from the vicinity of Hradec Králové. Although it cannot be considered a credible historical source, it captures the difficult situation of the common people during the war.





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Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia-Ukraine conflict. Updated continuously.

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