DEU - kord vz.1889 pre dôstojníkov pechoty

Kord vz.1889 for infantry officers, Württemberg
Württemb. Infantry Officer of the IOD 1889

Kord derived from the Prussian cord vz.1889 .
Brass set with a basket decorated with the Württtemerg coat of arms. Wooden handle, covered with leather, reinforced with braided wire. Brass head, profiled, without handle back. On the head is the monogram KR (King Charles 1854-1891). Between the handle and the basket, a leather handle for the thumb, quilted with red thread.
Single-edged straight blade, with double cut, passing into the central point.
Iron sheath, terminated by a spike. Hanging on two loose rings.
During the First World War, the set was matted and the vagina was painted black. The method of hanging has also changed - the clamping has been reduced to one sleeve with a ring and a loop.

Overall length: 970 mm
Blade length: 945 mm
Blade width: 23 mm

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