USA - SUU-16/A (kanonové pouzdro)

XM12 / M12 (označení US Army)
SUU-16/A (XM12 / M12)

Cannon case developed primarily for the machine F-4C/D Phantom II to complement the rocket armament also on the shooting options.
In the sleeve was rotating gun M61A1 Vulcan powered folding náporovou turbine.
The solution was rather an emergency, because the sight of aircraft have not been adapted for cooperation with the podvěsy. Aiming so was more or less an estimate.

The development of the capsule continued to be the type of SUU-23/A, which included GAU-4/A Vulcan, who does not need to your drive náporovou turbine.

Weight: 750 kg (1650 lb)
Tray: 1200 rounds
Rate of fire: 6000 blows/min.
The minimum speed to achieve the optimal rate of fire: 480 km/h (300 mph)

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