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YUG - M-84


The design base for the modernization of the T-72 tank in the former Yugoslavia was the T-72M tank. It is mainly a product of Slovenian origin. This new version was named M-84. The basic modifications of the M-84 tank include, in particular, the new M-84 SUV fire control system, which allegedly provides effective firing of sub-caliber ammunition up to a distance of about 2000 m. The main armament consists of a tank cannon 2A46 caliber 125 mm, which is stabilized in two planes and has a smooth bore with thermal protection. Additional armament of the tank is a coupled machine gun PKT (M86) caliber 7.62 mm and anti-aircraft machine gun NSV-T (M87) caliber 12.7 mm installed on the turret of the commander. On the right side of the tower are located 6 and on the left 7 smoke grenade launchers 902B TUČA. For operation in the contaminated area, the tank is equipped with a filtration and ventilation device and uses an automatic fire-fighting device. The new integrated fire control system SUV M-84 includes a ballistic computer, a combined electro-optical sight of the shooter and commander and a laser rangefinder with a range of 100 to 10,000 meters. The drive unit consists of a liquid-cooled diesel engine V46-6 with an output of 573 kW and a mechanical transmission. The engine is equipped with a smoke device. The crawler movement device is the same as in the T-72M version. The armor is based on a homogeneous steel armor, which is supplemented at the exposed areas of the front of the hull and tower with composite armor, similar to the T-72M version. The maximum thickness of the tower armor is up to 540 mm.

Because, except for the change of the propulsion unit, fire control system and other minor modifications, it is a T-72M tank, at the end of the 80's was another modernization of the M-84 tank to a tank called M-84A, M-84AB, M-84ABK and M-84ABN. The main modification of these versions is a new power unit with an output of 735 kW and the introduction of new types of ammunition. All versions are equipped with anti-interference connectors and a new navigation system.

Users: Yugoslavia (Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kuwait

Technical and tactical data (M-84)
Combat weight: 41,500 kg

Crew: 3

- length (total): 9 530 mm
- body length: 6 960 mm
- width: 3 460 mm
- height: 2 190 mm

- without preparation: 1.2 m
- with preparation: 5 m

Crossing: 2.8 m

Climb: 1.25 m

Power unit:
- type: V-46-6 (V-46TK for M-84A and M-84AB), diesel twelve-cylinder
- maximum power: 574 kW (735kW for M84A and M-84AB)

Maximal speed:
- on the road: 70 km/h
- in the field: 50 km/h

Driving range: 460 - 700 km

- 125 mm cannon 2A46 with a supply of 42 pieces of ammunition
- 12.7 mm PL machine gun NSV-T (M87) with a supply of 360 rounds
- 7.62 mm articulated machine gun PKT with a supply of 2,000 rounds
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Under production plan mal even skúšobná séria done by the end of 1983, zero séria by the end of 1984 and the first séria in 1985. The first prototype was completed in apríli 1983, celú skúšobnú sériu reportedly defense 5 machines, zero séria in počte 10 kusov nasledovala in priebehu 1984. Under juhoslovanských zdrojov allow production capacity at the end of the 80. years produkciu 150 machines a year. On the production sa, in the framework of the former SFRY podieľalo to 240 väčších podnikov and about 1000 smaller production prevádzok.

M-84 - the basic verzia
M-84A - improved verzia, produced since 1989, improved the engine and pancier, throwers dymových pomegranate r
M-84AB - exportná verzia
M-84ABK - veliteľská verzia
M-84A4 "Sniper" - chorvátská modifikácia
In the half of 90. years bola vyvíjané takes ženijná verzia M-84AI and verzia pre Kuwait ABI.
Degman - chorvátská verzia vychádzajúcí of the M-84A4

Celkovo bolo produced viac ako 650 machines všetkých verzií. Najviac, 370 pcs bolo version of M-84. JNA zaradila in the arsenal of the his of iron armor brigades 350 pcs.

Of the tank M-84 prejavilo záujem aj zahraničie, namely Pakistan, Líbya, Egypt, Iran, Sweden and Kuwait. Just Kuwait after skúškach tank in púštnych podmienkach ordered pre your ozbrojé forces 215 machines M-84AB (15 pcs malo albeit supplied by the vo version M.84ABK). The disintegration of the SFRY was delivered around 150 pcs.

On začiatku my bol this type of vo arsenal nasledujúcich jednotiek:
1.obrnená brigade - Vrhnika(Slovenia)
4.obrnená brigade - Jastrembarsko (Chorvátsko)
211.obrnená brigade - Niš
252.obrnená brigade - Kraljevo , armed strojmi of Even. series
329.obrnená brigade - Banja Luka (Bosnia), armed strojmi T-72M and M-84
51.mechanized brigade - Pančevo
243.obrnená brigade - Skoplje (Macedónsko)

After rozpade SFRY used the M-84 bojovo all the participants and subsequently boli zaradené in the arsenal of the successor štátov that in this territory originated. Slovenia malo vo arsenal 54 kusov, in the army Chorvátska slúžilo in priebehu roka 1991 ochre's aj 15 M-84AB, ktoré boli neskôr delivered to Kuwait . The armed forces of the Republic of Srpskej have used this type for 101.obrnenej brigade (ex-329.obrnená brigade). Federálna army (Army Jugoslavije) mala vo arsenal of around 230 M-84 and M-84A, sústredených in 211. and 252.obrnenej brigade.

From hľadiska martial výkonov bol type hodnotený comparatively priaznivo, for najväčší "lack of principles" was considered nedostatočná protection vezenej munície. After nabehnutí for mina or overcharged panciera very often dochádzalo to an explózii munície, what malo for následok odtrhnutie tower and the death of the whole crew. In dôsledku low-level training osádok dochádzalo to accidents, pričom najčastejšie dochádzalo to poškodeniu especially in the výstrele what bolo dôsledkom nedostatočne been meted out maintenance. Just medium ktorí of the army, or just the enthusiasm of the nedbanlivo clean lauf... In one konkrétnom the case reportedly came to explózii grenade, pričom the barrel is over 30 m from the vehicle, and the conclusion of the sa stopped about zadnú winds tower. Credits ako zázrakom vyviazla len with ľahkými zraneniami, veža was a write-off..
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M-84AB kuvajtské armády
YUG - M-84 - (US DoD)

(US DoD)
YUG - M-84 - (US DoD)

(US DoD)
YUG - M-84 - (???)

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Ešte kuvajtský stroj.
YUG - M-84 -

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Kuwaiti M-84AB fought during the operácie Desert Storm (Púštna búrka) in 1991. To začiatku irackej invázie bolo to Kuwait 6 machines, ktoré boli sústredené vo výcvikovom here at the in Džahre. Tieto machines ukoristili iracké units. During several on Púštnu búrku bolo delivered 71 machines, neskôr, v apríli 1991 ešte 33 and the supply continued to behold in the priebehu r 1992. My sa was attended by 71 machines, two boli poškodené (one PT mínou, one missile), but managed to sa ich opraviť. Reported to have occurred testovacej jazde, where bol M-84AB matched with the M1A1 Abrams, pričom mali tanks what najrýchlejšie prejsť in púšti vzdialenosť 70 miles (102km). M-84AB zvíťazil, an american tank into cieľa arrived, allegedly the pre malfunction of the fuel system.
To poslednému martial nasadeniu M-84 occurred in 1998/99 to Kosove. The last boli tanks M-84 documented during the nasadenia against the gangs NLA pri town of Oraovica on juhu Serbia..
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Jugoslávské stroje
YUG - M-84 - M-84A (

M-84A (
YUG - M-84 - M-84 (

M-84 (
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YUG - M-84 - Chorvátsky M-84A (

Chorvátsky M-84A (
YUG - M-84 - M-84 (

M-84 (
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