CZK - ZK 383

ZB vz. 42
ZK 383 ( ZB vz. 42 ) ZK 383 ( ZB vz. 42 )
Original title:
Original Name:
ZK 383 ( ZB vz. 42 )
submachine gun sub-machine gun
Zbrojovka Brno, Brno, Czech republic /
Technical data:
Technical Data:
the Mass of the uncharged weapons:
Weight Unloaded:
4,36 kg 9.61 lb
9 mm
9 mm Luger (9x19)
875 mm 2 ft of 10.45 in
barrel Length:
Barrel Length:
325 mm 1ft of 0.8 in
Magazine Capacity:
Rate of fire:
Rate of Fire:
500/ 700 rounds/min 500/ 700 rpm
Muzzle velocity:
Muzzle Velocity:
420 m/s 1378 ft/s
User states:
User States:
- -
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Samopal ZK 383

Producer: Zbrojovka Brno
Type of weapon: submachine gun
Manufacturer's designation: ZK 383
Years of production: 1938 to 1942
Slovak Army designation: machine gun ZB vz. 42
Number in Slovak arsenal. Army: 190 pieces
Caliber: 9 mm
Barrel length: 325 mm
Muzzle velocity: 420 m/s
Range: 800 m
Cadence: 500 or 700 rounds/min
Weapon weight: 4.36 kg
Ammunition type: Parabellum
Special features: magazine for thirty rounds. One type produced with folding bipod, double rate of fire.
Short history: developed as a ZB factory project in several different versions and for different cartridges.Manufactured for
Army of words. Used by the SS units.
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Built by Josef and František jiří marvan. Schránkový tray to put on the left. After WWII used in some south american states. Variant of the picture with the bipod. Lightweight variant without dvojnožky has the marking ZK 383 P.
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Cadence was regulated in a funny way - odnímacím závažíčkem to the conclusion (similar to was solved even the submachine gun vz. 1938). After the war was a developed version of XP 383H, which allow the folded stack forward under the barrel (like the Hungarian machine gun Danuvia vz. 1939). The tray was placed in a vertical storage shaft pointing straight down. Tilting the tray has been solved in particular for the needs of the jedzdectva..
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The weapon was first patented in 1933. From then until 1948, many modifications of the original weapon were made. These modifications were designed in Zbrojovka Brno by Jozef and František Koucký.
The weapon was used by the Bulgarian army during World War II. After the declaration of the Protectorate, Zbrojovka Brno came under the Germans, where it was renamed Waffenwerke Brünn A.G and continued to produce ZK383 submachine guns for the SS.
The submachine gun was produced in versions with and without a bayonet mount. It was also produced in the ZK383P version, intended mainly for the police. It differed from the regular ZK383 mainly because it did not have a bipod.

The special features of this weapon were also that it was possible to regulate the rate of fire, after removing part of the slide, and that in the standard military version it contained a detachable bipod.
After the war there were other modifications, the most famous being the ZK383H.

Some guns have "H SS PF" or "V.Z.9" stamped on the top of the bolt carrier.
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R. 9 mm,
d. 875 mm,
hm. 4250 g,
z 30 rounds
Československá zbrojovka in Brno (ZB) in 1938 developed a submachine gun classical structure design brethren Kouckých, denoted ZK 383. The gun had some original elements, such as the possibility of shooting two kadencemi using the removable part of the conclusion or very light, but stable folding bipod. The submachine gun was very carefully processed, which, of course, the adverse affect of its labor intensiveness and cost. At the beginning of the second world war bought in Brno, 4000 machine guns to the ZK 383 the Bulgarian army, 190 pieces to get the army of Slovakia, where he was introduced as a model 1942.

"Weapons Also. and war"..
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Hmotnosť závažia ...... 170g
Effective dostrel ........150 m

Submachine gun mal možnosť simple and rýchlej exchanges mainly. Somopal sa under sourceand nachádzal in niektorých units bulharskej army until half of 60-tych years min. day.

SOURCE: Defence 2008 / 10, str. 28.
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Citace - petr.t.lbc :

R. 9 mm,
wt. 4250 g,

That weight according to Obrana 10/2008 was without bullets.
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Original photo ZK383
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The Slovak army officially had 190 ZK 383 submachine guns (machine guns vz.42) in its arsenal.

This information was refuted.
Unofficially, another 800 pcs from Bulgarian order (according to Chatlos' memoirs) reached Slovakia. This happened after Čatlos negotiated directly with the director of Zbrojovka Brno. These two gentlemen had good relations.

Note (edit) by Branislav Juhász alias "brano":

Citace :

In older literature, unrealistic estimates of the number of vz. 42, namely 1,600 to
2 000 pieces. Everything seems to be based on the post-war claim of Gen. F. Chatlos. He claims that with the help of
the director of the Brno armoury Ing. Karel Staller, a part of the ZK383 submachine guns, allegedly 800 pieces, ordered by the Armoury in Bulgaria, reached Slovakia. Officer ÚZ Officer-in-Charge of the Ordnance Administration.
Teodor Suchánek claimed that submachine guns arrived at the Central Armoury also in 1944 and reached
the stated number of 2 000 pieces. This is an obvious mistake caused by confusion of MP-40 submachine guns with ZK383, or by F. Čatloš's efforts to clear his name in the post-war "resistance". Bulgarian army
ordered from the Brno Armoury on 4 October 1941, 4 000 ZK-383 submachine guns at the price of RM 925 788.
They were delivered in three shipments by 30 December 1942. On 13 September 1942 the Bulgarians ordered and 1.
March 1943 and signed a contract for another 1,600 submachine guns, which were never delivered to Bulgaria.
arrived. It was from this order that the 800 ZK-383 submachine guns mentioned by Gen.
Čatloš. ČATLOŠ, F. Voices from home and abroad about the rebel soldiers, rkp. Martin 1970, p. 68.
KULAŠÍK, K. Armament of the units of the insurgent army in the Slovak National Uprising. In Zborník
No. 5. Banská Bystrica : SNP Museum, 1980, p. 152; PLEVZA, V. et al. History of the SNP
1944 - Encyclopedia of the Resistance and the SNP. Bratislava : Pravda, 1984, p. 596

Marian Uhrin - Samopaly slovenskej a povstaleckej armády (1939 - 1945), Vojenská história 1/2018, ISSN: 1335-3314
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I forgot to add that ZK383 were verified delivered to Venezuela in an unspecified number.
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Very nice and certainly a quality gun!I would be quite interested in its price and, where appropriate, where I could get hold of Smile)) so normally with her man meets..
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