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ZK 383 ( ZB vz. 42 )
Original title:
Original Name:
ZK 383 ( ZB vz. 42 )
submachine gun
Zbrojovka Brno, Brno, Czech republic /
Technical data:
Technical Data:
the Mass of the uncharged weapons:
Weight Unloaded:
4,36 kg
9 mm
9 mm Luger (9x19)
875 mm
barrel Length:
Barrel Length:
325 mm
Magazine Capacity:
Rate of fire:
Rate of Fire:
500/ 700 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity:
Muzzle Velocity:
420 m/s
User states:
User States:
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Submachine gun ZK 383

Výrobca: Zbrojovka Brno
Type of weapon: submachine gun
Označenie manufacturers: ZK 383
Years of production: 1938 to 1942
Označenie of the Slovak army: guľometná pištoľa ZB vz. 42
The number of vo arsenal of words. of the Army: 190 kusov
Kaliber: 9 mm
Dĺžka I: 325 mm
Muzzle speed: 420 m/s
Dostrel: 800 m
Kadencia: 500 or 700 blows/min
UHmotnosť weapons: 4,36 kg
Kind of munície: Parabellum
So special features: the tray on the tridsať nábojov. One type of vyrábaný so skladacou bipod, double-crossing rate of the shooting.
Short história: developed by the ako factory project ZB in niekoľkých rozdielných verziách and pre rozdielne bullets.Vyrábaný pre
An army of words. of the State and Bulgaria, used by aj units of the SS..
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Built by Josef and František jiří marvan. Schránkový tray to put on the left. After WWII used in some south american states. Variant of the picture with the bipod. Lightweight variant without dvojnožky has the marking ZK 383 P.
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Cadence was regulated in a funny way - odnímacím závažíčkem to the conclusion (similar to was solved even the submachine gun vz. 1938). After the war was a developed version of XP 383H, which allow the folded stack forward under the barrel (like the Hungarian machine gun Danuvia vz. 1939). The tray was placed in a vertical storage shaft pointing straight down. Tilting the tray has been solved in particular for the needs of the jedzdectva..
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Prvýkrát bola gun patented in 1933. Odvtedy until after the year 1948, there veľa modifikácii pôvodnej guns. Tieto modifikácie boli designed in Zbrojovke Brno Jozefom and Františkom Kouckými.
Weapon bola during 2. svetovej war used by the Bulgarian army. After vyhlásení the Protectorate crossed Zbrojovka Brno under Nemcov, where bola premenovaná on Waffenwerke Brünn And.G and vyrábala simmilar samopale ZK383 pre SS units.
Samopaľ bol vyrábaný vo version with držiakom pre bayonet aj without him. Vyrábal sa aj vo version ZK383P, designed mainly pre police in the first place. From the ordinary ZK383 sa distinguished above all the team, that our bipod.

Zvláštnosť that the weapons consisted of aj in the fact that the bolo can be regulovať rate paľby, after odstránení part of the uzáveru and that in štandartnej military verzií contained odlúčiteľnú bipod.
After vojne sa there have been aj ďalšie modifikácie, from najznámejších a bola, for example, ZK383H.

Niektoré guns got to marvel púzdra uzáveru vyrazené "H SS PF" or "In.From.9"..
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R. 9 mm,
d. 875 mm,
hm. 4250 g,
z 30 rounds
Československá zbrojovka in Brno (ZB) in 1938 developed a submachine gun classical structure design brethren Kouckých, denoted ZK 383. The gun had some original elements, such as the possibility of shooting two kadencemi using the removable part of the conclusion or very light, but stable folding bipod. The submachine gun was very carefully processed, which, of course, the adverse affect of its labor intensiveness and cost. At the beginning of the second world war bought in Brno, 4000 machine guns to the ZK 383 the Bulgarian army, 190 pieces to get the army of Slovakia, where he was introduced as a model 1942.

"Weapons Also. and war"..
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Hmotnosť závažia ...... 170g
Effective dostrel ........150 m

Submachine gun mal možnosť simple and rýchlej exchanges mainly. Somopal sa under sourceand nachádzal in niektorých units bulharskej army until half of 60-tych years min. day.

SOURCE: Defence 2008 / 10, str. 28.
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Quote - peter.t.lbc :

R. 9 mm,
hm. 4250 g,

The hmotnosť under Defense 10/2008 bola without nábojov..
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Originalne foto ZK383
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ZK 383H, author's archives.
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Slovenska armada mala vo summon vyzbroji oficialne 190 pcs sampalu ZK383 - gulometnej gun vz.42.

This informacia bola vyvratena- ,,Neoficialnou on the way to Slovakia was given another 800 pcs of Bulharskej orders( assuming Catlosovych pamati) Happened to sa after discussions Catlosa priamo with riaditelom factory, these pani mali nadstandardne good relationships.,,.
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My som add of the ZK383 boli verified dodane to Venezuela in blizsie neurcenom pocte..
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Very nice and certainly a quality gun!I would be quite interested in its price and, where appropriate, where I could get hold of Smile)) so normally with her man meets..
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