Ladungsträger auf VA 601(b)

diaľkovo riadené demoličné vozidlo
Ladungsträger auf VA 601(b)

The Panzer Tracts publication mentioned in the sources (see below) mentions a modification of the Belgian Vickers Utility Tractor artillery tractors used by the German Army under the designation VA 601(b), where these machines were supposed to carry a 650 kg (?) load. It was operated by remote control. The control was by means of a 1200 m long cable. At least 30 units (probably joint numbers with a similar demolition vehicle Ladungsträger auf Fahrgestell Bren(e)) of these demolition vehicles were to be deployed in 6/1942 in the Crimea as part of the 3. Kompanie/Panzer Abteilung 300 (F.L.) during the siege of Sevastopol.

*source :

Thomas L. Jentz, Hillary Louis Doyle - Gepanzerte Pionier-Fahrzeuge (Armored Combat Engineer Vehicles) Goliath to Raeumer S, Panzer Tracts no.14, 1998, ISBN 1-892848-00-7
Ladungsträger auf VA 601(b) - Pôvodná podoba belgického delostreleckého ťahača.

Pôvodná podoba belgického delostreleckého ťahača.
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