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  • The Sasanian - Warriors of ancient Iran

    👤Edgar Pachta 🕔19.04.2021

    The Sasanian dynasty (or Sassanids) derived its name from the first king named Sassan. The Sassanids were tough rivals of Rome and later Byzantium. They combined the traditions of the Persian Empire with bloody warfare and in 224-651 AD ruled a large area in Asia.

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  • Tank tower T-40/75 N on a reinforced concrete base

    👤Branislav Juhász 🕔06.08.2021

    In 1954, the idea arose to use the towers of the captured German medium tanks Pz.Kpfw.IV as permanent fortress palposts in the border zones of the Czechoslovak Republic. The tank cannon itself was still evaluated as effective in this period and the army had a sufficient supply of ammunition for the cannons.

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  • JCB 170 Robot

    👤Martin Smíšek 🕔11.04.2021

    The skid steer mini loader is a universal machine designed to perform earthworks using additional modular equipment. The front single arm is located only on the right side of the loader, allowing safe and easy entry through the side door into the cab.

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  • Experimental Giyu No.3 Flying Boat

    👤Ing. Vladimír Valchař 🕔31.07.2021

    In September 1926, shortly after the destruction of the Kaibo Ginkai KB experimental seaplane, the Kaibo Gikai Voluntary Committee decided to build another large seaplane. The new seaplane was to be built on the basis of a completely new design. This construction had several goals, on the one hand, designers and technicians were to gain experience with the design and construction of all-metal flying boats, and on the other, naval pilots and mechanics could get acquainted with all-metal aircraft in operation, especially differences in maintenance and operation.

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  • Lawrence of Moravia

    👤Janko PALIGA 🕔04.09.2021

    Alois Musil was a Czech priest, theologian, orientalist, biblist, traveler, ethnographer, writer. He is considered one of the greatest Orientalists and Arabists at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In Arab countries, he used the name Músa ar Rueili or Músá šajch Číkí. He also received the nickname "Lawrence of Moravia" or "Czech Lawrence of Arabia".

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  • Against All - Locotenent Comandor Aviator Dan Valentin Vizanty

    👤Michal Rak 🕔01.10.2012

    The fate of Romania in World War II is similar to the fate of other small states at this time. After the busy end of the 1930s, it came under the influence of Germany and entered the war with the USSR alongside it. So he wanted to regain the territory lost just in favor of the attacked. After that, however, the Romanian soldiers had to take part in further campaigns, which culminated in a defeat at Stalingrad. Since 1943, their own country has been the target of attacks by the US Strategic Air Force. Subsequent failures of Germany in 1944 brought the Romanians to the side of the Allies, who then ended the war in Czechoslovakia. And Romanian fighters took part in all these victories and losses. They won over 1,200 victories and one of the most successful was Dan Valentin Vizanty.

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  • Attack on Crimea

    👤Anonymous 🕔18.04.2004

    When General von Manstein took over the 11th Army on September 17, 1941, he realized that the forces he had from the German highest command could not be enough for the current conquest of Crimea and the attack on Rostov. He therefore decided to occupy Crimea first, as it was a constant threat to the entire right flank of the German advantageous front. In the direction of Rostov, only contact with the retreating enemy was to be maintained.

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  • Yakovlev Pchela-1T

    👤Marek Čech 🕔31.07.2021

    The Yakovlev Pchela-1T ("Пчела" meaning bee) is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufactured by the Russian Yakovlev Design Bureau. Its primary use is for surveillance and observation in battlefield environments with downlinked video. Other implementations and uses include target designation and as a training target.

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  • 8 cm rocket multi-purpose vehicle on vehicle Zgkw S303 (f)

    👤Branislav Juhász 🕔31.07.2021

    Rocket launcher manufactured in Nazi Germany during World War II.

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  • Legro Car L6 / 40

    👤Martin Drobňák 🕔31.07.2021

    The tank has been manufactured since 1939. Its armament consisted of a 20mm cannon Breda model 35 and with it coupled 8mm machine gun Breda model 38. The supply of ammunition was 296 pieces of 20mm rounds and 1560 rounds for the machine gun. At the time when the L6 / 40 was introduced into service, it represented the equivalent of the German PzKpfw II. This tank was used mainly by reconnaissance and cavalry divisions. A total of 283 vehicles were produced.

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  • Kuro - Sha winged tank project

    👤František Aubrecht 🕔31.07.2021

    Interest in airborne forces can be traced back to at least 1917. Paratroopers' units dropped by parachutes could be deployed in areas difficult to reach ordinary ground troops and also bypass fortifications, conducting reconnaissance or repelling an attack from early-detected access roads. In addition, the potential for paratroopers anywhere on the battlefield forces the enemy to set aside forces to defend against a possible airdrop and thus weaken the troops. However, for such benefits, he is forced to pay with a firepower that is much smaller than the ground forces, and a significant dependence on supplies from the outside and, as a result, the inability to support his own combat capability for a long time.

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  • Alois Rasin

    👤Michal Šimůnek 🕔16.09.2020

    Czech and Czechoslovak politician and economist. During the First World War, he was one of the convicts in the trial of Omladina, a participant in the first resistance and one of the men on October 28. He became the first Czechoslovak Minister of Finance and official of the Czechoslovak National Democracy. He was mortally wounded in the 1923 assassination.

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  • The terrorist attack on the USA 9/11/2001

    👤Radim Kapavík 🕔05.08.2007

    On 11.9. In 2001, an event took place that affected almost the entire world and, although we do not realize it, it spoke to the lives of many of us. There were suicide airstrikes on US targets in live television. The aim of this article is not only to recall the course of events, which most of us remember in outline, but mainly to show not so notorious connections.

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  • Cover uniforms a hundred years ago

    👤Edgar Pachta 🕔16.04.2021

    In the twentieth century, there was a need to develop new types of military clothing and equipment, as well as to perceive armed conflict with all its consequences. As early as the beginning of World War I, in 1914 and 1915, cavalry officers were seen in magnificent multicolored uniforms with gold braids and plumes on their hats, with sabers at their sides, as was common in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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  • Soviet Sabre

    👤Ivo Valuch 🕔30.04.2021

    The history of Soviet aviation contains many interesting pages, one of which is an attempt to copy the American fighter F-86 Sabre, undertaken in the USSR in 1952-53. 

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  • City of Ghosts

    👤Anonymous 🕔22.02.2004

    Operation Barbarossa's plan envisaged the creation of three large formations, each of which was to attack in one of three strategic directions. Army Group North was to advance through the Baltics and conquer Leningrad. The Army Group Center was to destroy the main Soviet forces and advance directly to Moscow. Finally, the South Army Group was to advance as far as possible to Ukraine and destroy enemy ties. We will look to the north, where in the end everything turned out completely differently than the German command imagined.

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  • Morris-Martel One Man Tankette

    👤 🕔29.07.2021

    The idea sometimes doesn't leave the testing stage, and especially in times of war, the question is, "what's next?" some ideas are good, some too fantastic. Just like this.

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  • Polish school system during the Second World War

    👤Aneta Rýdlová 🕔20.04.2021

    This thesis is devoted to the issue of Polish education during the Second World War after the direct occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. It describes the possibilities of education in the territory of the General Government. Immediate closure of universities and secondary schools has led to the creation of underground secret activities that have helped many students actively participate in the process of studying during the difficult times of war. It also depicts the daily suffering of the Polish population caused by means of unrestricted terror.

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  • Josef Novák

    👤Jiří Mašek 🕔16.09.2020

    Fighter pilot of the Austro-Hungarian Luftfahrtruppen, who participated in the First World War. Josef Novák achieved a total of three confirmed victories during World War II. After the war, he joined the Czechoslovak Air Force, worked briefly in the first Czech airline, Ikarus, and subsequently became a well-known factory chief pilot of the Aero factory. In this role, he undertook more than 3,600 flights, flew 30 new types of aircraft, won a number of air races and achieved nine air records. He also actively participated in organizational and federal activities related to aviation. Josef Novák died in 1934 as a result of serious injuries sustained in a plane crash in 1930.

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  • Farit Muchametzjanovitch Fatkulin - Hero of the Soviet Union

    👤Marek Čech 🕔16.04.2020

    The life story of a Tatar with a hard-to-pronounce name whose life was saved by the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany and its satellites.

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