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ing. Vilém Vácha

ing. Vilém Vácha

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  • 1st Czechoslovak Assault Battalion

    "A red and white ribbon for Bohemia, a mortal skull for death, there is no life without the Czech state, freedom or death." It was the motto, energy and life philosophy of strikers, which is the name for members of the 1st Czechoslovak separate assault battalion.

  • 1st Crusade

    So much has already been written against the crusades that part of it has been suggested during the centuries to otherwise renowned historians. For these reasons, there is sometimes a historical paradox that while in Central Asia they usually respect their heroic ancestors, Europe tends to throw all possible dirt on its ancestors. That is why it is very important to understand this topic correctly, and that is why we will address it in this article as well.

  • Albrecht von Wallenstein

    Some of the citizens know where the upper chamber of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, ie the Senate, sits, in the Wallenstein Palace. This beautiful Mannerist building was created by an important military leader and figure of the Thirty Years' War (lasted in the years 1618–1648) - Albrecht of Wallenstein.

  • Boleslav I.

    On July 15, 2002, it was 1030 years since the death of the Czech prince Boleslav I.
    Boleslav I. is for me the most important politician of the Czech state, due to the fact that thanks to his political work we were not met by the fate of the Elbe Slavs (exterminated by the Germans) or the fate of the Danube Slavs (exterminated by the Hungarians). Boleslav I. is therefore actually the father of the Czech state and nation.

  • Brandenburg-New Mark

    You will surely wonder how the Czech nation has a historical relationship with Brandenburg, but it is so. After all, Brandenburg was in its essence part of the Czech state for longer than Subcarpathian Russia was part of Czechoslovakia and only slightly less than Slovakia.

  • Brandenburg-New Mark

    You will surely wonder what kind of historical relationship the Czech nation has to Brandenburg, but it is so. After all, Brandenburg was in its essence part of the Czech state for longer than Subcarpathian Russia was part of Czechoslovakia and only slightly less than Slovakia.

  • Brunei and Singapur

    These states are achieving almost the same political, social and economic successes today, even though they have diametrically different external features.

  • Chelyabinsk incident

    On May 14, 1918, an incident occurred in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, which changed the course of our and world history.

  • Czech geopolitical points of interest

    We want to stay what we are - the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!

  • Czech Austria – Czech territorial gain of 31.07.1920

    This year it is 83 years since it was annexed on 31.07.1920 to the then Czechoslovakia Valtice with the Dyje Triangle and western Vitorazsko (currently sometimes called northern Vitorazsko) with the Czech population.

  • Czech Prince Oldrich

    Energetic Czech prince Oldřich ( reigned 1012-1033 and 1034 ).

  • Czech Kornilovs

    We have already written about the 1st Czechoslovak separate assault battalion. As for this martial art based on the traditions of strike (elite) units, it was still controlled by the Czech association in Czechoslovakia. an engineer battalion called the Czech Kornilovs (named after General Kornilov), who fought in the ranks of the White Guard Voluntary Army against Bolshevik Russia. Today, the Czech Kornilovs are a completely forgotten stage of our famous military history. Why?

  • Cheb District

    Cheb is the westernmost territory of the Czech Republic and, moreover, remarkable for its historical development. In addition, the Cheb region also became one of the most striking places where the two cultures, both Czech and German, converged and enriched each other. Because not only in relation to the Germans is it bad to remember, but also what is good and what unites us and there is a lot of it, such as a common history, mentality, cultural roots, blood ties, etc.

  • Czechoslovakia in the autumn of 1938 from an economic and legal point of view

    The autumn of 1938 is well known from the pens of historians in Czechoslovak history, when the first Czechoslovak Republic ceased to exist as a result of the withdrawal of the borderland and the second Czech-Slovak Republic was established. Therefore, I would not like to repeat all the known facts here. Until now, I would try to empathize with the attitude of a cold-blooded trader whose goal is to survive in the market, and with that let's always approach problems. Therefore, my dear readers for a moment get rid of any ideology. A few years ago, I read a book by the outstanding thinker Master Sun: "On the Art of War." In this book, I was drawn to the idea that everyone was to beat themselves. While victory is the result of the abilities of the winner and the inability of the loser.

  • Lower Moravia

    Lower Moravia today has nothing to do with today's Moravia. Lower Moravia, this little-known name (the name is mentioned in the book by Lubomír E. Havlík: Chronicle of Great Moravia, published in 1993), was once called the area on the lower left bank of the Morava River, namely the territory of today's Slovakia, southern Poland (northern Poland). Orava and northern Spiš, which until 1918 were part of Hungary and then Poland) and northern Hungary (Matra and Bükk mountains and the Tokaj wine region). Lower Moravia has always been a part of our Czech state in certain periods.

  • Euro-American entropy

    Entropy is the loss of energy and the gradual disintegration of the system. It is what the next developmental stage of the system follows, which follows the climax of society, which is no longer able to sustain itself with the change of influences and disappears. But how to prevent entropy? It can be easily avoided to find a solution. This solution arises quite often from a discussion on this topic.

  • Holasic area

    Holasicko, surely many of you will be wondering where to look for this area? This is an area in the northeast of the Czech Republic around the city of Opava (Opava, Krnov and Hlučín regions) and the adjacent area in the north, today located in Poland.

  • Nisko

    Nisko is the only territory of Lower Silesia that is now part of the Czech Republic. Its territory coincides with today's Jeseník district. In the north it is formed by lowlands, which for their fertility are called Slezská Hana, in the south and west by the mountains Rychlebský and Jeseníky.

  • Organized crime

    The so-called Organized crime is committed by people, associations, in order to obtain financial income through crime.

  • Presumption of innocence

    The foundations of legal, ie democratic, society, among other things, are based on the presumption of innocence. What does it mean?

  • PROSPERITY: Switzerland - a country of success

    Switzerland (the official Latin name of the Confoederatio Helvetica, ie the Helvetic Confederation) is today the world's third to fourth capital power, with a very important market for stocks, bonds, foreign currencies, financial derivatives and gold, with at least an inflationary currency. At the same time, it has approximately half the area (41,285 km2) and a smaller population (7,096,800 inhabitants) than the Czech Republic.

  • Sámo

    He himself was our first state official. Sámo was the head of our first state unit, named after Sámo's empire. Sámo's empire was, among other things, the first state unit of the Slavs.

  • Silesia

    Silesia, which is now part of the Czech state, is a historically wonderful conglomeration of originally disparate former vassal and other territories, namely the former duchy of Těšín, the duchy of Opava, the principalities of Krnov, Hlučín, the Moravian enclaves and the principality of Nis, ie the remnants of Czech expansion to the northeast.

  • Spanish Legion

    The Czech Republic is a member of NATO, where Spain and its elite military unit are the Spanish Legion (La Legion). So they are partners in arms within NATO.

  • United Arab Emirates

    Dubai, with the world's largest skyscraper and other notable buildings, from a state-of-the-art airport to details such as air-conditioned local public transportation, is literally a futuristic city of the future, but other UAE cities are modern clean cities without sprays, homeless people and pickpockets.

  • Central Eastern Europe

    Central and Eastern Europe, that is what I would call the part of Europe where in the years 1852-1918 the legal, monetary, economic and customs union of two states, namely the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was located. This union ended with the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of 1918 after the First World War, although this union lasted legally until 1919, so we can consider its real demise in 1918.

  • TACA (tactical active combination action)

    TAKA is a board game played by 2 players. One player has 12 white soldiers, the other player has 12 black soldiers ...

  • Tryskel

    Tryskel is a board game played by 2 players. One player has 12 white soldiers, the other player has 12 black soldiers.

  • Great Moravia

    Great Moravia was an important period of our nation. Its geopolitical center was Mikulčice, Staré město - Sady and Pohansko, located today in the Czech Republic, in the districts of Břeclav, Hodonín and Uherské Hradiště. Great Moravia was the second phase of our statehood after Sámov's empire and before the Czech Principality, so it is one of the legal predecessors of the Czech Republic.

  • Vratislav II.

    Vratislav II was an important Czech monarch and patriot. He was born after 1031, as the second-born son of the Czech prince Břetislav I. (he ruled 1034 - 1055). After the death of his older brother Spytihněv II. (Czech prince 1055 - 1061) on 28.01.1061 becomes Vratislav II. prince and ruled the Czech state until his death on 14.01.1092.


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