m/27 (kanon 105mm)

105 mm cannon Bofors Model 27

This is a cannon with a screw conclusion intended only for the moto traction. The only foreign user was the Dutch army, which they had at the beginning of the war available 52 ks. The Bofors added in the Netherlands, 36 ks, and the rest was assembled in the Netherlands.
After the occupation of Holland was the launchers been allocated To 335 (h).

Caliber: 105 mm
Length of barrel: 4 410 mm (L/42) (holadská version of the 4200 mm L/40)
Max. rate of fire: 6-8 blows/minute (max. after a period of 5 minutes)
Elevation: -3° to 45° (the Dutch version of the -5° to + 42°)
Delivery: 60°

Max. úsťvová speed: 750 m/s
Muzzle velocity according to the powder charges:
1 refill of 550 m/s
2 refills of 700 m/s
3 printer 750 m/s
The weight of the ammunition: 16 kg HE

1 nápní 12 500 m
2 dust cartigge 15 500 m
3 cartrigge 16 300 m

Weight in firing position: 3,750 kg
The weight of the barrel: 1 183 kg
Staff: 8 men

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m/27 (kanon 105mm) -

m/27 (kanon 105mm) -

m/27 (kanon 105mm) -

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