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m/40 (polní houfnice 105 mm)

Bofors m/40

Field howitzer caliber 105 mm was designed in the 30 years dvacáteho century. Her buyer had been a Dutch colony in the middle east and Siam (Nederlands-Indisch Leger (KNIL).
The design of the cannon is based on the way you crossing field guns r, 75 mm (L/40) and PD r 105mm (L/42)

Label guns and their version :
the 10,5 cm haubits m/40 total produced 211 pcs
the 10,5 cm haubits m/40H for the Dutch colony of 16 pcs
the 10,5 cm haubits m/40S for Siam 16 pcs
the 10,5 cm haubits m/40B version of the cannon produced in 50 years (made 109 pcs) of the barrel length of L/44

Caliber: 105 mm
Barrel length: 2 310 mm (L/22)
Weight in battle position:1 650 kg
Elevation: -5°to +45°
Muzzle velocity:475 m/s
Max. range: 10 500m
The weight of the grenade: 14 kg
Rate of fire: 6 rounds / minute
The length of the cannon: 5 310 mm
Operation: 7 +3 men

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