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  • AC-130 Gunship or American flying battleship

    In Tuesday morning, the US military deployed two AC-130 aircraft during its attack on Afghanistan. These aircraft have the largest air firepower in the world, so it is no wonder that they received the unofficial nickname of the flying fortress, the nickname that boasted the famous B-17 bombers during World War II.

  • Blitzkrieg

    The campaign against the USSR under the name "Fall Barbarossa" began planning the Wehrmacht High Command at Hitler's command shortly after the end of the war in France, and on December 18, 1940, the leader signed the campaign plan. Under one sun, there was no place for two so different and yet the same ideologies, and the non-aggression pact was a "Nordic trick" that allowed the Nazis to conquer Western Europe.

  • Czechoslovak air force in the twenties of the twentieth century

    October 28, 1918, on the day when the Czechoslovak Republic was officially established, there were only a few aircraft on its territory, mostly machines of the Austro-Hungarian Air Force. Twenty years later, during the occupation of Czechoslovakia, Hitler acquired over a thousand machines, mostly of modern construction and very decent parameters, the result of the practice-filled motto "air is our sea".

  • Accordion longing song sings

    ... or Stalingrad and Guadalcanal - historical parallel

  • Heinrich Himmler

    Heinrich Himmler was the SS-Reichsführer, Geheime Staatspolizei, commander of the SS Waffen-SS, Minister of the Interior from 1943 to 1945, and organizer of the mass extermination of Jews in the Third Reich and German-occupied territories.

  • Humane weapons - fiction or reality?

    According to the prestigious magazine Time, it looks like American soldiers will stop firing in a few years. Even in "hot" Afghanistan, demonstrations and intimidation are preferred, and deadly fire is the last resort. Nevertheless, fatal incidents are taking place, such as the air strike on a wedding ceremony in Afghanistan, leading to far-reaching diplomatic consequences, which is why the Pentagon is making enormous efforts to develop non-killing weapons.

  • How to build SCUD B a la DRAGON

    Please note in advance that I do not intend to write articles on the topic: "the model is 0.25 millimeters thicker at the level of the third fuselage, you can fix it by cutting it very carefully in eighteen places, re-gluing and waiting for a manufacturer to make a model without these major defects.

  • How the tank was born

    Wars have accompanied mankind since time immemorial. And they evolve with it. The twentieth century marked an enormous turning point. Man invented the armoured tracked vehicle and used it to sweep away all previous conventions of warfare. Let us now go back to the very beginning of it all and, step by step, trace the development of armoured vehicles in the world and in Czechoslovakia.

  • How the tank was born - Part 2

    The turning point for the Czechoslovak armored vehicles was the year 1922 and the French light tank Renault FT-17. It was tested in prototype in 1917 and immediately introduced into the armament of the French army. Experts considered it the best tank in its category, and all states that built armored units wanted to have it in their arsenal ...

  • KVH

  • The Mother of Tanks will come to BAHNA

    The year has flown by and the Bahna (Day of ground forces of Czech Army) of 2003 are here again. This year's issue is number fourteen. Was last year's symbolic thirteen happy or was the fulfillment of destiny for all the other Bahna … What Bahna will they be this year?

  • Pictures on US uniforms

    Surely each of us, when visiting the Army shop, has already encountered the fact that a large board hangs somewhere on the wall, full of lots of different colored patches. And surely each of us should think about buying something only if we knew what the patch meant. And, of course, each of us had seen a military-historical event or the wander of a young man dressed in tigerstripes and boasting an Indian head patch on the lower half of his right sleeve.
    Is he wearing it properly?

  • Pictures on US uniforms - type of units

  • Pictures on US uniforms - NASA

  • Pictures on US uniforms - Badges

  • Pictures on US uniforms - Schools

  • Pictures on US uniforms - Locations

  • Pictures on US uniforms - US Air Force

  • Rank comparison table

    Table of ranks of the US Army, British Army, SS units and German Army together with approximate equivalents in Czech ranks

  • Remembrance event

    On Saturday, May 24, 2003, at 9.30, a commemorative event will be held in front of the crypt of the Church of Cyril and Methodius (formerly Karel Boromejský) in honor of the heroes who laid down their lives for our freedom. Paratroopers Josef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš, rtm, died in the crypt. Josef Valcik, npr. Adolf Opálka, Jan Hrubý, Jaroslav Švarc and Josef Bublík.
    This act is beyond the scope of ordinary reverential events organized by state institutions. The organizer is the 1st Mechanized Company of Active Reserves of the Czech Army of the Czechoslovak Legions, but the event will also be attended by members of the Club of Military History 5. Special Forces Group (Airborne) Prague and others.

  • Law on Weapons and Ammunition

    A new law on weapons and ammunition has been in force since 1 January 2003. Here you can get acquainted with it ...


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