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  • Armies from Waterloo

    The French army in 1815 was probably the most French Napoleonic army since the first campaigns of the Republic. While in previous campaigns an integral part of the Grande Armée were various auxiliary divisions and contingents of allies and subjugated countries, this time Napoleon's army was purely French.

  • Battle of Eylau 8.2.1807

    The Prussian campaign in 1806 ended and the French Grand Army was preparing to travel to the winter quarters. Prussia was defeated. Of the 187,000 men deployed in early October, 140,000 were captured and the rest died in the bloody battles of Jena and Auerstadt.

  • Luftwaffe in the Protectorate 1943-1944

    After the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the recently mobilized airports were transformed into training bases of the German Luftwaffe. During the war, approximately 15% of all German pilot training was concentrated in our territory ...

  • Operation JUBILEE, Dieppe 1942

    It's August 19, 1942, three o'clock and thirty minutes in the morning. Landing craft, the decks of which are cramped by members of Section 3 of the British Commandos, are conquering the dark waters of the Atlantic. In front of them, the outlines of the French coast loom in the darkness. Somewhere in the darkness, the boat crews guessed their goal. The 30,000-strong port city of Dieppe is still asleep.

  • Operation JUBILEE, Dieppe 1942

    Of the Czechoslovak troops, the 310th and 312th Squadrons participated in Operation "Jubilee", while the "Three Hundred and Thirteen" remained in the Exeter sector, where they held cash in the absence of their sister units. Operation "Jubilee" was to take part in two Czechoslovak squadrons, which from May 1942 operated together in the newly formed Czechoslovak wing.

  • Operation JUBILEE, Dieppe 1942

    At 04.45, the German Naval Command West received the following message: "At 03.50, our naval convoy was attacked 4 kilometers from Dieppe by enemy surface forces. It is most likely a normal attack on convoys." Meanwhile, a drama was taking place on the surface of the Channel, which few of the planners of Operation "Jubilee" had in mind.

  • Operation JUBILEE, Dieppe 1942

    The German Luftflotte 3 has been active in the landing area since the early morning hours. At 06.20 in low daylight, two Focke-Wulfs took off from Abbeville-Drucat Airport to survey the Sommy estuary. Pilots JG 26 "Schlageter" Oblt. Horst Sternberg and Uffz. Peter Crump made a low flight over the beaches at Dieppe, where they saw a number of ships and soldiers rolling on the shore.

  • Operation JUBILEE, Dieppe 1942

    Looking at the list of losses, Operation "Jubilee" appears to be a bloody failure. Ground units failed to achieve the set targets and losses exceeded 50%. The Navy lost several dozen landing craft and one destroyer. It has become clear that no large landings can be envisaged without the fire support of large ships. The Air Force, which had the most important task, to cover ground troops, suffered considerable losses during its performance.

  • Operation JUBILEE, Dieppe 1942


  • Vlasov and Russian Liberation Army in Czechoslovakia

    Saviors of Prague or traitors? Heroes or cowards? Who were the Vlasovs, and what led them to our territory at the end of World War II? There are a lot of questions about Vlasov himself and his troops. I'm not trying to answer the unresolved questions, but I'm going to try to get a realistic view of this contradictory group of people.


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