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  • Radio station antennas

    Basic and most common types of HF and VHF antennas of regular (all-army) type.

  • Radio station RM31

    In the post-war period, several types of shortwave (HF) radio stations were used in the Czechoslovak army. In addition to the Germans, who remained on our territory after the Wehrmacht, were also represented British (WS19) and Soviet (RBM1 and RBM-5). Their common disadvantage was that they were represented only in relatively small numbers, insufficient for military needs. Therefore, the development of a new, modern radio station for the needs of the army was started. The basic requirement was a range of at least 30 km day and night, the possibility of operation by telegraphy and telephony and simple operation.


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Řád 17. května

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Řád 25. února

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Ehrenblatt Spange des Deutschen Heeres


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