BEL - Mauser 1924 karabina

opakovací puška
FN-Herstal Mauser M-1924 karabína

Technical data
Kaliber: 8x57mm, 7x57mm or 7,65 mm Mauser.
Zásobník: an integrated charge box.
Kapacita: 5 nábojov.
the Detection of the stack: nieje.
Type of weapons: opakovacia, with odsuvným valcovým záverom.
Mode streľby: the various wounds.
Uzamknutie concluded: support ozubmi system Mauser.
Total dĺžka: 950mm.
Dĺžka especially: 440mm.
Hmotnosť: 3,3 kg.
Mieridlá: nastaviteľné sliding mieridlá on vzdialenosť 200-1400 m.
Manuálna poistka: in zadnej part of the decision.
Pažba: with nadpažbím, painting of wood.
Dalšie information: Túto weapon system Mauser vyrábala after prvej and second world vojne belgian company Fabrique Nationale ako karabínu (M-1924) and the rifle (M-1924/30). Obe version of the mk smerovali for export to many krajín, vrátane Argentíny, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, costa Rica, Ecuador, Holland, Iran, Yemen, Juhoslávie, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxemburska, Mexico, Paraguaya, Turkey, Uruguaya, and Venezuela.
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I'll add photos of the rifles M.1924 in the rack as they are exhibited in the museum of the fortress Liesele, stands are original, just added a locking rod passing through the trigger guard.
Source : own photo.
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