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CZK - vz. 47

opakovací vzduchovka

Military repeating air rifle vz.47 was designed to train newcomers after entering the military full-time service. It has taken over some components from the vz.24 military rifle, such as the stock. The predecessor of the vz.47 air rifle was the vz.35 air rifle, manufactured from the second half of the 1930s. It was produced in Česká zbrojovka, in the years 1945 - 1950. Approximately 65,000 pieces were produced, of which about 20,000 for the needs of the army.

Main data:


Length: 1080 mm - barrel: 552 mm.
Width: 53 mm
Height: 180 mm

Weight: 3.7 kg.

Caliber: 4.46 mm

Ammunition: lead shot 4.46 mm - no.10

Initial velocity of the projectile: 125 m/sec.

Range: 300 m.

Hopper content: 15 shots

Airgun activity:

1/filling the hopper with shots,
2/piston spring tension and charging,

CZK - vz. 47 - Rozdiel od tzv. zalamovacích vzduchoviek - obťahovací mechanizmus napínaciou kľukou ...

Rozdiel od tzv. zalamovacích vzduchoviek - obťahovací mechanizmus napínaciou kľukou ...
CZK - vz. 47 - Vojenská zduchovka vz.47 ...

Vojenská zduchovka vz.47 ...
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In the post are a few inaccuracies. Air gun vz.47 is a simplification of the pre-war air rifle vz.35 and after the war produced for the same purpose as the original model, and thus to the acquisition of habits in the shooting, vz.47 but does not have the option to deploy the bayonet (she is, indeed, to see), this option should only air gun vz.35, after the war, it was from her abandoned, decreased as the number of loops for a belt drive, from 4 to 2. The solution with the hopper and the charging lever for it is not rare, the original model was in the introduction of the infected with the application of the company Haenel just, therefore, that the design resembled vzduchovkám this company. The army of the total production went just over 20 000 units of the rest of it was meant for the Svazarm and served mainly to předvojenské training and sport.
source : Rifle Magazine 9 and 10, 2005.
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"It has taken niektoré components of the military rifle vz.24, for example. the butt." With this tvrdením I nesúhlasiť.Stock is a month tvarovo rovnaká,but prevzatá nieje.Only what is of rifles vz.24 "taken" and zameniteľné is the buttplate of the stock,and handles remeňa..
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Air gun vz.47 bola used even when practicing streľby žiakmi military škôl..
CZK - vz. 47 - Strelecký výcvik.

Strelecký výcvik.
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Most of the airguns vz.47 is now in private hands and is widely used for recreational shooting..
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2 airgun vz.47 are still in service with 21. ZTL Čáslav.
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