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Fiat-Ansaldo Carro Veloce 33 (from 1940 L 3/33)
Fiat-Ansaldo Carro Veloce 35 (from 1940 L 3/35)

The C.V. 33 tanker (later renamed L 3/33) was a reworking of the British Vickers Carden Loyd Mk VI (Italian designation C.V.29) tanker, which Italy purchased in the late 1920s and later produced under licence. After prototypes were tested, it was accepted into service in 1933 and a year later it joined the motorised cavalry. Its golden period was during the Italian aggression in Abyssinia, especially the flamethrower version was very effective against the Abyssinian defenders. Later it was deployed on a limited basis in the fighting in North Africa, and in Yugoslavia it took part in anti-partisan operations. A few pieces remained in the armament of the army and police of post-war Italy until 1952.

C.V. 33 I Serie - a tankette armed with a Fiat-Revelli Modello 14 6.5 mm aerial machine gun
C.V. 33 II Serie - a tank armed with the Fiat Modello 14/35 8 mm machine gun twin
C.V. 33 CR (Carro Radio) - command vehicle equipped with Marelli RF 3 CV radio
C.V. 33 Lf (Lanciafiamme) - flame-throwing tanker
C.V. 33 Passerella - a bridge tanker with a 7 m bridge deck, which took the crew 7 minutes to deploy
C.V. 35 I Serie - introduced in 1935, had a modified riveted superstructure and hull
C.V. 35 II Serie - introduced in 1938, the tankette was armed with the Breda Model 38 8 mm machine gun twin and had a simplified superstructure
C.V. 35 Passerella - bridge tankette with 6 m bridge deck
C.V. 35 Lf (Lanciafiamme) - flame-throwing tankette
Semovente da 47/32 - prototype tank fighter armed with 47 mm Breda 47/32 M35 gun
C.V.35 cc (controcarro) - tank fighter armed with 20 mm Solothurn anti-tank rifle or 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT heavy machine gun
C.V.38 - possibly an unofficial designation, the small C.V.35 series with a new chassis with four running wheels on each side and usually one 13.2 mm Breda machine gun

PIGNATO, Nicola; Italian Armored Vehicles of WWII., Squadron/Signal Publications, ISBN 0-89747-475-9
URL : https://www.valka.cz/L3-t65369#232616 Version : 0
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