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Hawker Fury

přehled verzí (1931)

Hawker Fury Version Overview:

Hawker Fury Mk.I - 207 ks, Rolls-Royce Kestrel IIS engine
Hawker Fury IA - basically identical six-piece test series for Yugoslavia
Hawker Fury Interim Fighter - 1 experimental prototype, development continued by machine Hawker P.V.3
Hawker Fury Mk.II - 23 ks, Rolls-Royce Kestrel VI engine
Hawker Yugoslav Fury - 10 pcs at Hawker and approximately 40 licenses at Ikarus and Zmaj, motor Rolls-Royce Kestrel XVI, 4x machine gun 7.7 mm
Hawker Norwegian Fury - 1 pc, Armstrong Siddeley Panther IIIA engine
Hawker Persian Fury - 22 ks, Pratt & Whitney Hornet engine, later Bristol Mercury
Hawker Portuguese Fury - 3 pcs
Hawker Spanish Fury - 3 ks, motor Hispano-Suiza 12XBr
Hawker High Speed Fury - 1 pc, used for tests with various engines such as Kestrel VIS or Goshawk B.41

A total of 275 pieces were built at Hawker and about 40 under license in Yugoslavia.
Fury aircraft intervened in the fighting during the Spanish Civil War and in the ranks of the Yugoslav and South African Air Force also in the fighting II. world war. Yugoslavs claim 5 and South Africans 2 air victories.

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