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CAC Boomerang

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CAC Boomerang - an overview of the versions

, THE CAC Boomerang CA-12
the first series aircraft, built a total of 105 machines, supply, from July 1942

CAC Boomerang CA-13
the second series aircraft, built a total of 95 machines, supply, from August 1943, the performances at the level of CA-12

CAC Boomerang CA-14
the experimental prototype, built only one machine, which took off 13. 1. 1943, engine R-1830-S1C3-G was přeplňován engines General Electric B-2.

CAC Boomerang CA-19
the third series aircraft, built a total of 49 machines, deliveries from may 1944, it was designed for tactical reconnaissance, in the hull of the camera was F.24.

A total of was built 250 aircraft of this type.

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