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Suchoj Su-27 [kód NATO: Flanker]

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Informace o tomto typu získate v článku Suchoj Su-27 Flanker a jeho verze.
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Su-27 - development and derivative types:

- T-10-1 (fig) - first prototype with AL-21F engines
- T-10S- prototype of the production version (also Su-27P, or Su-27S) with AL-31F engines
- b:aaaaaa]Su-27 Flanker-A(fig)- the first mass-produced type with AL-31F engines, without the capability to operate against ground targets
---Su-27S / T-10S- the first mass-produced fighter for military aviation, with limited capabilities for attacks on ground targets (only free-falling bombs weighing 100, 150, 500 kg)
-------Su-27SK - export fighter version
-------Su-27SM - upgraded version
-------Su-27SMK - upgraded export version
---Su-27P - the first mass-produced fighter aircraft for air defence (without the ability to operate against ground targets
---P-42 (fig)- experimental unarmed version, several world records
---Su-27P "Parrot painted" - 2 unarmed demonstration machines of the A.N. Kvochura aerobatic team (along with 1 Su-30)
-----Su-27K / T-10K (fig)- version intended for service on Soviet aircraft carriers
-------Su-33 - designation of the serial version of the airborne aircraft
-------Su-27KUB (Su-33UB) - a two-seat naval version for pilot training
---Su-27M(27 June 1996) - prototype using AL-31FU partial thrust vectoring engines
---Su-35 - version using AL-35F thrust vector changeable engines, equipped with new instrumentation, radar, etc.
------Su-37 (Su-27M2), a version using modified AL-31FU engines with full thrust vector change capability, fuselage number 711, designated Su-35 in 2001 after the engines were replaced, and used as a demonstrator ("benchmark") for planned series production.
------Su-35UB- two-seat version
---Su-27UB (fig) two-seat version for training, usable as fighter and fighter-bomber
------Su-27UBK (fig) - training version
------Su-27PU- the battle management version ("mini AWACS")
------Su-27IB- two-seat version with side-by-side seating arrangement
------Su-27IB (T-10V1, Su-34-1) (fig) machine with fuselage number 42, without tandem main landing gear with pilots seated side by side
-----------Su-32FN(T-10V-2) - machine with fuselage number 43, with tandem main landing gear arrangement, without rear hemisphere radar
---------------Su-32FM- machine tested in Chechnya in January 2000
-----------Su-34 (T-10V-3) - a series of machines with tandem main landing gear arrangement and rear hemisphere radar, fuselage numbers 43 (T-10V-2), 44 and 45/349
------Su-30 - a two-seat version of the long-range fighter with mid-air refuelling capability, partial thrust vector change
-----------Su-30PU - two-seat version of the long-range fighter
---------------Su-30K - export version for China, India and Vietnam
---------------Su-30M- upgraded multirole version
---------------Su-30MK- upgraded export version
------------------Su-30MKI- export version for India, equipped with AL-31FU/AL-35F variable thrust vectoring engines
------------------Su-30MKM - version offered to Malaysia
---------------Su-30/302with fuselage number 302 introduced at the Irkutsk exhibition, armed with an anti-ship missile, designed for use with the P-900 Alpha missile. Modernization prototype of the production Su-30 and Su-27
---------------Su-30KN - machines with fuselage numbers 32 and 302 presented at the Irkutsk exhibition
----------Su-27UBK- export version for China
----------Su-27UBM- version designed for reconnaissance and for precision attacks with high-precision weapons on ground targets, trials started on 13. June 2001.
-Su-27SK - Chinese licensed production
-J-11 - designation of a modified version produced in China
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