Mikojan-Gurevič MiG-9 [kód NATO: Fargo]

přehled verzí
[b:292643a169]Overview version [/b:292643a169]

[b:292643a169]MiG-9[/b:292643a169] - first production version
[b:292643a169]MiG-9UTI[/b:292643a169] - a two-seat trainer version, which has also served to test one of the first katapultovacích seats made in OKB MiG.
[b:292643a169]MiG-9FF[/b:292643a169] - the version with the engines of the R-20F
[b:292643a169]MiG-9PB[/b:292643a169] - version, which could carry additional fuel tanks
[b:292643a169]MiG-9B[/b:292643a169] - a version with the newly navrhlou the nose. This adjustment was necessary due to the ingress of smoke from the cannon fire and fuel system ustrojím into the engines.
[b:292643a169]MiG-9RF[/b:292643a169] - the latest version equipped with better armour, engines of the RD-21, a pressurized cabin, and katapultovací seat. This MiG could reach speeds of up to 960 km/h..
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Mikojan-Gurevic-MiG-9-kod-NATO-Fargo-t762#19065 Version : 0
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