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  • Air Commander Philip Fletcher Fullard

    It belongs to the lesser-known Allied fighter aces of the First World War. With his 40 victories, however, he was the best fighter pilot of the No.1 Squadron RFC and the fourth most successful English fighter.

  • Airco D.H.1

    Two-seater biplane with a push propeller.

  • Aviatik 30.24

    The prototype of a single-seat fighter triplane was created in 1917 and the first flight tests took place in October of the same year. The aircraft was structurally based on the Aviatik DI type, from which the fuselage and tail were used.

  • Battle of Leuthen in 1757

    The Prussian victory over Austria at the Battle of Leuthen during the Seven Years' War is one of the masterful demonstrations of tactics in the fight against a numerically stronger enemy and is one of the greatest victories of King Frederick II of Prussia.

  • Battle of Prague (Štěrboholy) in 1757

    Clash of Prussian and Austrian troops during the Seven Years' War, in which 120,000 soldiers faced each other. The Battle of Prague was one of the bloodiest encounters of its time, the first and probably the only battle in history in which two marshals fell.

  • Battle of Zenta in 1697

    A battle that decisively ended the war between Austria and Turkey, which had lasted since 1683. In it, Austrian troops defeated the Turkish army and forced the Turks to peace negotiations, which ended the signing of the peace treaty in Karlovac in 1699.

  • Leopold's Imperial Order

    Founded by the Austrian Emperor Francis I on January 8, 1808 in honor of his father, Emperor Leopold II. These rules were to reward civilian and military merits in favor of the state, loyalty to the homeland, merits in the field of science, art and literature, regardless of the origin and status of the rewarded.

  • Imperial Order of the Iron Crown

    Austro-Hungarian decoration

  • Zeppelin long-range bombers

    Development of Zeppelin long-range bombers, probably the largest aircraft in the world during the First World War.

  • Gotha G.V long-range bomber

    Long-range bomber biplane, which participated in the German strategic bombing of Britain at the end of World War I. He was able to carry up to 1000 kg of bombs over the target, but a safe return from the mission back to base was not easy at all. It was based on a Gotha G.IV type construction, which he supplemented with new advanced elements. Out of a total of 205 machines produced, not a single specimen of this type has survived to this day.

  • Feldwebel Stefan Fejes

    Stafan Fejes ended the First World War with 16 recognized and 4 unconfirmed victories, placing him in eighth place in the ranking of Austro-Hungarian fighter aces. After the end of the war, he fought in 1919 on the Hungarian side against Czechoslovakia.

  • Frank Linke-Crawford

    With his 27 confirmed victories, Frank Linke-Crawford became the fourth most successful Austro-Hungarian fighter pilot of World War I. He commanded the Flik 60J unit, and in the eyes of his comrades-in-arms he was a good pilot and an intelligent man with a brave heart and an iron will.

  • Gotha G.IV

    Bomber biplane from the period of the First World War.

  • Handley Page O/400 (H.P.12)

    The four- to five-seater heavy bomber biplane of unequal wingspan, powered by two engines, was created as a successor to the Handley Page O/100 bomber and its dimensions almost reached the size of a twenty-year younger, later so successful Boeing B-17 Flying Fortres bomber. After finding out that it is possible to perform "accurate" bombing at night, in August 1917 an order was placed for prototypes of new night bombers and signed a contract for the supply of improved aircraft O/100, now known as O/400, which were to respond to German air raids. to Britain and counterbalance the German bombers Gotha and Zeppelin.

  • Kurt Gruber

    Curriculum vitae of the 11th most successful Austrian air ace and balloon destroyer of the First World War

  • Leutnant Franz Büchner

    Fighter ace of the German Imperial Air Force. At the end of the "Great War", the commander of Jasta 13 and the holder of the Pour le Mérite award. A fighter who managed to claim 17 victories in air battles during September 1918.

  • Leutnant Hans Kirschstein

    Fighter ace of the German Imperial Air Force.

  • Lieutnant Walter Göttsch

    Biography and description of the fighting of the German First War fighter ace.

  • Lloyd 40.08

    A brief history of a prototype Austro-Hungarian three-hull bomber triplane.

  • Major Raoul Stojsavljevic

    The pilot ace of the Imperial and Royal Air Force (K.u.K LFT), was one of the pre-war air pioneers.

  • Oberleutnant Ernst Strohschneider

    Biography of the flying ace of the Imperial and Royal air force, a native of Ústí nad Labem

  • Otto Kissenberth - fighter ace in prescription glasses

    A biography of the World War I ace and balloon destroyer with 20 kills, which was also known for piloting the fighter in prescription glasses.

  • Order of Francis Joseph

    Austro-Hungarian awards

  • Order of St. Stephen

    Used as the highest civilian merit award of Austria-Hungary. It was intended primarily to reward senior government officials and diplomats. At the end of the First World War, however, a war decoration was added to this initially purely civil order.

  • Sopwith Baby

    The history of the float plane from the period of the First World War, which was structurally based on the famous racing float planes competing for the Schneider Cup.

  • Sopwith Tabloid

    An interesting bomber from the period of World War I.

  • Military Order of Maria Theresa

    It was intended for officers of the imperial army, regardless of rank, social status, nationality and religion. He was awarded for a completely extraordinary personal bravery or extraordinary decision.


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