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Due to the limited technical possibilities and the small operational depth of the Czechoslovak territory, in 1936 it was definitively decided to entrust the protection of particularly endangered sections of the border with Germany with border fortifications. It was not completed until September 1938, yet it was already extensive ...
🕔︎ 18.04.2004 👁︎ 58.074

Medium tank T-54

Medium tank T - 54 is a combat tracked vehicle armed with a 100mm cannon and a coupled machine gun caliber 7.62 mm. It represents the next stage of development
T - 54 A tank, mainly by increasing the protection of the crew and equipment of the tank against the effects of weapons of mass destruction.
🕔︎ 17.07.2003 👁︎ 36.278

Medium tank T-55

Medium tank T - 55A is a combat tracked vehicle armed with a 100 mm cannon and a coupled machine gun caliber 7.62 mm. It represents the next stage of development of the T - 55 tank.
🕔︎ 17.07.2003 👁︎ 63.248

Medium tank T-72

Tank T-72 is a combat, armored, tracked vehicle armed with a smooth bore cannon with a main caliber of 125 mm, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and an anti-aircraft machine gun caliber 12.7 mm.
🕔︎ 23.07.2003 👁︎ 68.583

Paratrooper anthem

or what do the Screaming Eagles from 101st sing?
🕔︎ 02.01.2004 👁︎ 17.270


The problem is growing and becoming more brutal, but the chances of catching terrorists and bringing them to justice are slim. Its tentacles encircle the globe. Here is an overview of 800 terrorist organizations from 88 countries. The names of the organization are taken from the English original.
🕔︎ 10.08.2003 👁︎ 29.067

Terrorism - AFRICA

Continuation of an overview of terrorist groups from around the world, this time focused on African countries.
🕔︎ 07.12.2003 👁︎ 20.188

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