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  • Afghanistan unsolvable for the time being

    📕14.822 🕔29.07.2010

    Reflections on the situation in Afghanistan ...

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  • Creating rules for drones

    📕10.787 🕔19.12.2012

    Such an invention is known by the English word DRONE - with other, equally legitimate meanings: a trumpet, a male bee, a honey-free parasite that lives off the work of others, it is also an airplane without a pilot, conducted from a great distance by the necessary signals. The idea of fighting as comfortably as possible - far from danger, from bloody turmoil, for example, somewhere on the couch touching the right buttons, does not knock out the smallest of your own little finger, but a thorough trigger in the enemy ranks. Critics warn of the potential for even greater dehumanization, when a fighter, far from the site of the devastation, loses the restraint of participating in such actions.

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  • Cyber warfare already in the doorway

    📕13.361 🕔08.09.2011

    The more modern we are, the more vulnerable we are. We sewed a good whip on ourselves. Not only a hostile alien power, but also an immature brat in the home environment, motivated, for example, only by adolescent craving for an achievable act of vandalism, can really hit their own state, the nuclear power plant. The result is also something called cybervandalism.

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  • Different art of war

    📕13.429 🕔07.02.2013

    A brief reflection on the definition of different types of warfare. International law with rules, in many ways little actual, tries to be a tool. Distinguishes between civilians and combattants - members of the armed forces, among which a special category consists of non-combattants (doctors, veterinarians, field priests) ...

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  • Dog a friend or foe

    📕11.333 🕔07.02.2013

    Admirably loyal friends and often comrades-in-arms. I delved into this topic a bit and learned a lot at Already in the beginning of American history, in the 18th century, during the revolutionary initiatives of pioneers to get rid of the British colonial yoke, they made great use of the assistance of four-legged allies to sniff and successfully bite into unloved redcoats and then in other wars ...

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  • Great benefits with an adverse impact

    📕11.689 🕔05.01.2009

    Such a vague, indistinct title is an introduction to a topic with considerable geographical spread - from the Arab deserts, oil-soaked, to the tiny republic of Nauru in the Pacific, once a German colony, then under Australian rule, now enjoying a sovereign existence: until recently a record-rich island with the highest per capita income in the world, because it was hardened by birds.

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  • Gurkhas - Unique mercenaries

    📕30.410 🕔29.07.2010

    These legendary warriors, stocky muscles of mostly Hindu religion, Tibetan-Mongolian ethnicity, come from the Gorkha region, are highly valued for qualities, not always and everywhere else prevailing - courage, loyalty, tenacity, resilience, orderliness in service not only British army ...

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  • In particular, the fate of the vessel

    📕13.346 🕔07.02.2013

    This means aircraft career or " parent aircraft carrier " ENTERPRISE, which in the Czech non-poetic translation works at best as an ordinary COMPANY.

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  • In the name of Allah, the sickle and the hammer

    📕12.459 🕔05.01.2009

    History provides us with a plethora of examples of strange somersaults, seemingly or authentically bizarre alliances, the sudden sharing of a bed in a warm embrace until yesterday's irreconcilable enemies.

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  • International terrorism and all kinds of issues

    📕22.587 🕔05.01.2009

    On September 10, 2001, almost no one in America knew anything about Islam.
    On September 12, 2001, almost everyone seemed to know everything. The catastrophe that has just passed becomes the parent of instant certainties, beliefs about one's own truths.
    But the questions remain - is the trend towards a global caliphate, according to the ideas and ambitions of the most forged Islamists, or is there still an optimistic belief in the ideal of Western liberal democracy?

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  • Lots of nonsense bloodshed

    📕16.484 🕔07.02.2013

    There are many candidates with a legitimate claim to gold medals such an embarrassing championship. The criteria differ - the severity of the conflict, its duration, the number of participants, the amount of property loss, health, lives, ongoing socio-economic and psychological impact, and so on.

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  • Many circumstances how to get hurt

    📕12.159 🕔05.01.2009

    Perhaps in most countries of the world incitement to murder is not allowed, it is not recommended, it is even punished. But this is not the case everywhere. In ultra-devout Saudi Arabia, for example, Sheikh Saleh Luhajdan, the most prominent judge ( chairman of the Supreme Court of Appeal ), said in a radio speech that it was desirable to kill allegedly lascivious television operators during the holy month of Ramadad. He later corrected himself so that they could be tried first and then killed.

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  • Memories of defectors, general's literary seeds

    📕16.005 🕔22.01.2009

    More than one cloudy builder of the bright tomorrows of scientific communism eventually ran to the enemy on the opposite side of the class-divided world. Some of them, even from the ranks of professional secret police, published their memoirs about their rebirth. Such was Šejna, a rural son from a miserable environment, a graduate of a burgher school, an agricultural worker, with the right class background and connections, soon an army colonel, a member of parliament, a member of the Central Committee of the ruling Communist Party - all at the age of 27. He even became a representative of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the highest circles of the Warsaw Pact states, acquainted with the secrets and strategic intentions of the Kremlin rulers. And he then flees to the West, accompanied by a teenage girl, allegedly his son's fiancée - that is, his presumed future daughter-in-law, from which, however, he made his mistress.

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  • Mercenaries, their all kinds of motivation

    📕28.982 🕔29.07.2010

    In English, they are given the infamous designation Mercenaries - creatures that take up arms and go kill for money. However, anyone who finds themselves in a military uniform, whether as a volunteer or not an enthusiastic conscript, receives some money, that salary - that is why such a Czech word. So someone is holding because they want to, because someone has to ...

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  • MIDDLE EAST: Disjointed prospects in the biblical land

    📕10.787 🕔02.06.2009

    Israel, considered an illegitimate intruder in that predominantly Islamic region, had to get used to the relentless inconvenience: bombs, rockets, all sorts of intrusions, the penetration of suicide bombers. This led to a decrease in foreign tourists, an outflow of investment, the economy began to suffer, the very existence of the state threatened ...

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  • Occupational killer without claim to question mark

    📕15.150 🕔12.02.2013

    Such is the title of the film ( almost one and a half hours long ) about Karel Vaš, a monster who died a few weeks ago. He lived to the glorious age of 96 years, in stark contrast to the fate of the many whose lives he shortened - in the role of informant, investigator, torturer, prosecutor, judge, de facto executioner, to the last breath of a rock-solid communist fanatic, without a doubt about the correctness of all his doing.

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  • Piracy is flourishing

    📕20.382 🕔05.01.2009

    We are quite full of such a label - we will turn rude drivers into road pirates, from Viktor Kožený the pirate a cheater, the financial grandmaster. Unauthorized copying of books, music records, movies, imitations of all kinds of goods with a fake sign of world fashion houses, after which we occasionally watch a documentary recording of a bulldozer crushing and burying a mountain of glittering wristwatches, underwater rolexes. The activity may be profitable, but essentially bloodless. According to the classical definition, however, piracy is only " an act of violence in international waters by a private vessel against another vessel for the purpose of looting (animus furandi) ". Piracy was the first to be declared an international crime (the second was slavery ), its operators became " outcasts, outlaws of humanity " and could be judged by any country. I Mongolia, Nepal, Czech Republic, any land state.

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  • Piracy is flourishing even more

    📕16.218 🕔05.01.2009

    I return to the subject of activity, by the classical definition expressed as ' an act of violence in international waters by a private vessel against another vessel for the purpose of magnifying glass (animus furandi) '. Piracy was the first to be declared an international crime, its operators " outcasts, outlaws of humanity " and could be condemned by any state. Thus, even the Czech Republic, so terrestrial, albeit on the Elbe, let alone Nežárka, will not be ruled by corsaires, individuals with a black plaster on a plucked eye, staggering with one wooden leg.

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  • Pirates and their less than optimistic prospects

    📕12.045 🕔07.02.2013

    It's not an extinction yet, the pirates are not wading in schooners, where a black banner with a skull and crossbones would flare on the mast. They have been modernized, equipped with automatic weapons, mortars and anti-tank cannons. They often have better radars and more horsepower under deck than their potential pursuers ...

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  • Popular news: children warriors

    📕11.499 🕔05.01.2009

    We are growing a register of raw materials, how to destroy and deprive of life. International organizations estimate that the number of children starting this way has now reached 300,000.

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  • Questions about oil and dependence on Arabs

    📕12.868 🕔29.07.2010

    Reflections on a strategic raw material

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  • Strange circumstances of the birth of al-Qaeda

    📕22.856 🕔11.03.2009

    Al Qaeda, an amorphous organization, or rather just a unit without an address, with supposedly the highest principal Osama bin Laden remaining somewhere in the burrow on the Afghan-Pakistani border, has proven its devastating impact many times. When and where did it actually start?

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  • SYRIA - Her current labor pains

    📕13.701 🕔08.09.2011

    The Arab countries, whose common denominator is a generally disgraceful way of governing, began this year, if not with their revival spring, then at least with an awakening, with real upheavals at five addresses. The first was Tunis, whose greedy president was overthrown, and fled with his family from a country to which he rightly does not dare to return. He did not flee Egypt, the country's most numerous, most important country, but President Mubarak, now in a hospital bed and facing charges of serious crimes, lost power there. In Yemen, the anger of the people has already taken shape, and the wounded president has rushed to medical care in the still relatively calm lee of the Saudi monarchy. In Libya, Gaddafi is threatened by insurgent insurgents, the only one in this kind of conflict in which some NATO nations are somewhat involved. And in Syria, the still unfinished childbirth, in a state of proper butchery, is being directed by President Bashar al-Assad, an ophthalmologist by profession. It is thus a different development, in comparison with the almost identical disintegration of the regimes in the states of scientific socialism in the annus mirabilis of 1989.

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  • Terrorism - how much is it and what about it

    📕16.762 🕔05.01.2009

    There is no day without news of the scourge of international terrorism, but at the same time we have been reading for many years that the probability of being hit by some explosive fanatic is less than slipping in your own bathtub at home and bruising properly. So what do you expect to find your way around in data, detailed statistics of governmental and non-governmental organizations?

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  • Terrorist rights, rights of endangered public

    📕12.285 🕔05.11.2009

    Reflections on American approaches to terrorism

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  • The bravery or otherness of the Italian troops

    📕15.388 🕔21.07.2009

    reflection on the troops of Italy in the 20th century

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  • The ostrich our model, or the policy of appeasement, is here again

    📕13.118 🕔24.03.2009

    Perhaps everyone with internet access has been acquainted more than once with footage of British streets, with demonstrating Muslim youth, with posters DEATH DEMOCRACY, KILLING EVERYONE INSULATES ISLAM, THE CALIFATE WILL WIN IN EUROPE - too many, no less threatening demands. The police idle to guarantee freedom of speech to her stubborn enemies.

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  • The right kind of terrorism found

    📕12.937 🕔08.09.2011

    Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims.

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  • The search for moderate Muslims

    📕12.291 🕔22.01.2009

    Our enemy is not Islam, but the fanatics who adopt this completely peaceful religious faith, usurping, and that it is therefore necessary to support forces that oppose such destructive efforts. After the exploding events in London, Madrid, on the island of Bali ( many corpses ), in Denmark ( several cartoons ), such a belief does not fade. There are more books, scientists, analysts, theorists, forecasters, recipes with an optimistic premise that while the problem is radical Islam, the solution is moderate Islam. But where to look for him in the monotheistic dogma that the source of all truth is Allah and his messenger Muhammad, and that the goal of this one truth must be pursued with all our might?

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  • TURKEY: The Dilemma of Europe

    📕14.659 🕔21.07.2009

    Reflections on Turkey.

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  • Turkish delight and toss

    📕15.269 🕔03.03.2011

    Reflections on Turkey's position in the Middle East.

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  • USA: A simple solution to deal with terrorism

    📕13.912 🕔12.03.2009

    That none of us had thought of it before? After all, solve the problem by denying its existence! The ultimate logic of politically correct thinking.

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  • USA: Thinking about possible disasters

    📕12.290 🕔03.02.2009

    Even the most stubborn critics of George W. Bush have difficulty denying him the fact that after the catastrophe of September 11, 2001, nothing like that happened on American soil - unlike the explosive state of affairs in London or Madrid. The desired result was undoubtedly due to measures vehemently cursed by human rights defenders at any destructive cost. Thanks to legal measures - especially the Patriot Act, for example to make it easier to eavesdrop on our enemies - Islamic fundamentalists have not marched much here yet.
    But the new President Barack Hussein Obama has guaranteed us several times during a successful election campaign that he will destroy those successful innovations and by not only improving America's reputation in the world, but also contributing to its security ....

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  • Useful properties of walls

    📕13.458 🕔06.04.2010

    Wall, fence, corral, gate, gate, entrance, where to enter or prevent someone from doing so. Good fences contribute to good neighborly relations or at least can prevent them from deteriorating potentially.

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  • Visit to an island bombed just every other day

    📕12.789 🕔30.03.2009

    Quemoy Island ( sometimes referred to as Kinmen and everything else ) is historically a very unique place: Chiang Kai-shek won there. In October 1949, twenty thousand Mao's soldiers landed there and were either killed or at least scattered. Here Mao intended to use an atomic bomb and was very angry with Khrushchev for not lending him one to start World War III. Unheard communists then reconciled themselves with artillery. In 1954, they began bombing, and starting in August 1958, they fired half a million times from the cannons in forty-four days.

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  • Welcome impact of one novelty - UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

    📕16.764 🕔29.07.2010

    An article commenting on the deployment of the UAV ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ) in the current asymmetric wars against Islamic terrorism.

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  • What drives spies

    📕18.046 🕔21.07.2009

    The American book market offers us a plethora of attractions of this genre - almanacs, analyzes, memoirs, sagas of heroes and villains. "Encyclopedia of Espionage" (Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage, Random House) contains over 2000 cases from the time of ancient and most current. Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, was a spy. This is how the famous black blacksmith Josefine Baker got involved in Paris during the Second World War. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, as well as Alger Hiss, considered a patriot of Roosevelt's ruling team, worked hard for the Soviets.

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