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  • US-Israeli relations

    📕8.675 🕔01.06.2010

    The United States was the first country to recognize the newly formed Israel. The United States did not initially side with Israel as the most important ally, but circumstances have developed to make the United States the most important ally in Israel in all walks of life.

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  • US-Israeli relations: 1 Introduction

    📕10.947 🕔01.06.2010

    In 2008, several million Jews and their supporters celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel. In a few decades, Israel has crossed such enormous milestones in its history as few other states. From the beginning, its existence from the point of view of other states in the region was undesirable, even unacceptable. How has this tiny state ( in some places only nine kilometers wide ) managed to survive to this day?

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  • US-Israeli relations: 2 Historical determinants of the relationship

    📕18.075 🕔01.06.2010

    The exceptional US-Israeli partnership has evolved throughout the existence of an independent Jewish state, and the complete foundations of a sense of alliance go back a long way. The following pages are devoted to the analysis of the basic common values of these two states, I also deal with a cross-section of the history of the US-Israeli alliance and the most important moments that have taken bilateral relations to another level. The scope of my bachelor's thesis does not allow me to deal in detail with every conflict, war or peace conference that took place. By mentioning them, I just want to indicate the importance and frequency of American involvement in the peace process. The last part is devoted to the vision of the Middle East from the perspective of the current American president.

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  • US-Israeli relations: 3 Mutual alliances in various areas

    📕15.352 🕔01.06.2010

    Until 1962, the United States supported Israel only economically, in terms of the development of the state itself. During this period, moderate military aid also began. Throughout the period, the United States has also supported Israel in the field of diplomacy, and in recent decades it has united in the fight against terrorism. In the following chapter, I describe the basic facts and events that have taken place in individual areas and have had an impact on the further development of mutual relations.

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  • US-Israeli relations: 4 Conclusion

    📕10.132 🕔01.06.2010

    Ms Albright believes that in the speech of each newly elected president, Israel will certainly be described as the only democracy in the region and as the only ally in the fight against terrorism. According to her, every newly elected president promises that America will always stand by the side of Israel. " But be aware that in the Middle East, they heard your every word as clearly as in America. "It simply came to our notice then. Through the Jewish lobby, Israel was very aware of every political change in the United States.

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  • US-Israeli relations: Annexes

    📕18.985 🕔01.06.2010

    US-Israeli relations: Annexes

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  • US-Israeli relations: List of abbreviations used

    📕8.032 🕔01.06.2010

    US-Israeli relations: List of abbreviations

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  • US-Israeli relations: List of used literature

    📕9.057 🕔01.06.2010

    US-Israeli relations: List of used literature

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