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Border incidents in the Frýdlant region in September 1938

One of the northernmost corners of the Czech Republic, the Frýdlant promontory, was predestined by its location and ethnic composition to serve as an ideal place for the SdP (Sudetendeutsche Partei) and Freikorps to escalate tensions and terror in this area against financial guards, gendarmerie and SOS state units) and the Czech population, or anti-Nazis. The same situation prevailed in other places in the Sudetenland, where units of the Czechoslovak army were missing. For example, in the neighboring Šluknov promontory.

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Chester Alan Arthur

21st President of the United States 1881 - 1885
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Protectorate speeches - part I

On the third day after the assassination of R. Heydrich, on May 30, 1942, the Protectorate President Dr. Emil Hácha at 7 pm on Czech radio this speech ...

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Protectorate speeches - part IV

On Tuesday, June 2, 1942, six days after the assassination of the Deputy Reich Protector of the SS Obergruppenführer and Police General Reinhard Heydrich, and two days before his death, a public rally was held in Prague's Old Town Square. At the call of the protectorate government, around 65,000 Praguers gathered that evening to condemn the assassination, distance themselves from the act, express their support for the protectorate government and loyalty to the Great German Empire.

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Protectorate speeches - part IX

Friday, July 3, 1942 can be considered the day when the Protectorate Government and the State (Protectorate) President Dr. Emil Hácha completed their efforts to restore the Reich's confidence in Czech work and loyalty.

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Protectorate speeches - part V

The deputy imperial protector SS Obergruppenführer and police general Reinhard Heydrich succumbed to injuries on June 4, 1942, which he suffered during the courageous action of Czechoslovak paratroopers. The assassination thus came to fruition. Protectorate President dr. E. Hácha sent a telegram of condolences to Hitler. Minister Moravec gave a speech on Czech radio.

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Protectorate speeches - part VI

Many ministers took part in the demonstrations convened by the government of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in all major cities. They tried to improve the image of the Czech nation in the eyes of Hitler after the assassination of Protector Heydrich and after the dreaded executioner died. The most diligent in this respect was, of course, Emanuel Moravec. As a protectorate ninister of education and folk enlightenment, he performed his duties with all his might, as evidenced by his speech, delivered in Brno on June 12, 1942. Two days after the tragedy in Lidice.

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Protectorate speeches - part VII

Psychological pressure from the protectorate government, its threats and promises of amnesty for those who report anyone involved in the assassination of tyrant Heydrich and the promise of amnesty by K.H. Frank, as well as terror by the occupiers, have borne fruit.

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Protectorate speeches - part VIII

In every difficult time, in modern history, students and artists are at the forefront of our historical events in the fight for freedom. I mean the years, 1938, 1939, 1968, 1989. Unfortunately, in the time after the assassination of the Deputy Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich, artists voluntarily or for fear of losing their jobs or fear of accusations of approving the assassination, participated in the return of a disobedient nation, or at least part of it into loyalty to the Great German Empire.

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PzKpfw. I

Basic series of German light tanks PzKpfw.I
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