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  • Postmodern War: Can the conflict in Rwanda be described as a postmodern war?

    📕15.980 🕔16.02.2012

    As the Prussian military theorist Clausewitz said: " Every age should have its own special forms of war ... so everyone should have their own theory of war. Those who want to understand war must have a keen view of its main features ... at that time ”( Clausewitz 1950: 584 ). After the end of the Cold War, a new phenomenon began to appear in the international system - the postmodern war. It should be noted that not all authors dealing with this concept consider the end of the Cold War to be the beginning of postmodern warfare. E.g. Chris Gables Gray talks about the onset of postmodern warfare at the end of World War II. Jiří Šedivý describes the war in the Persian Gulf as the last war that would fall into the modern category.

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