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Amnesty International goes to terrorists

Amnesty International (AI) is known for its human rights activities. However, in connection with the Middle East events, only the State of Israel takes its toll and continues to campaign unprofessionally against Israel. The last time she became sadly known was the anti-Israel attacks during the war between Israel and Hamas in late 2012, which was named the "Pillar Defense".
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Anti-Israel obsession

Holy Land. No other area is in such a furious conflict, no other state than Israel is so denied the right to life and existence. No other country faces such fierce and irreconcilable hatred from the left. Can this hatred be understood at all? Its core can be found in the UN and its various sub-organizations, universities and Muslim and communist countries.
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Bielsky guerrillas

There has been a Jewish community in Belarus since the 14th century, with a large proportion of Belarusian Jews professing the Hasidic direction of Judaism. In 1941, the Jewish community numbered about 670,000 people. Immediately after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, the mass extermination of the Jewish population began. About 100,000 Jews managed to escape, and some hid in the woods, where they joined the Soviet resistance. According to archival and published data, about 25,000 people remained in the Minsk ghetto at the beginning of 1942, and after the Nazi pogrom on October 21, 1943, virtually all prisoners were murdered. With the support of Belarusian patriots, only 3.5,000 people escaped from the Minsk ghetto and survived. In this desperate situation, a Jewish resistance group led by Tuvi Bielsky was formed.
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Did Israel commit war crimes during Operation Cast Lead?

Operation Cast Lead began on December 27, 2008 and lasted about a month. It was a retaliatory action aimed at preventing further blasting of Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. The state of Israel was, as usual, again accused of war crimes (ie, deliberately attacking Gazan civilians, civilian objects and civilian infrastructure). As in the case of the "Janin Massacre" or the "Palestinian Massacre on the Beach in Gaza". All these accusations pursue one goal - to denigrate Israel as widely as possible. Now I will try to recapitulate only some of the misinformation that has circled the world.
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Do Palestinians have the right to return?

We often hear the claims of some people that Palestinian Arabs have the right to return to the territory of today's state of Israel. There are even many personalities who say Israel should transform into a binary nation-state. In the rough post-war year of 1947, the United Nations divided the territory of the British mandate into a Jewish and an Arab state. However, the Arabs did not accept this solution and launched an armed attack against Israel.
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Double meter when assessing events

To give you an idea, we can recall the idea of George Orwell's work that all humans ( animals ) are equal, but some are more equal ( pigs ). The world community always and under any circumstances uses a double standard on Israel, the only democratic republic in the Middle East. To revive the memory, let us remember only the reactions of the " world " ( UN, EU, USA ) to current events in the Middle East region.
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Forgotten refugees

The history of the 20th century is often referred to as the " history of war ." Wars bring with them immense suffering, death, refugees, the forcible expulsion of the innocent. During World War I, the Turks committed genocide on the Armenian population, during World War II. During World War II, the Nazis murdered more than 1/3 of the entire Jewish population. Immediately after the war, the Allies approved the expulsion of the German population from Central and Eastern Europe at the 1945 Potsdam Conference. Iraq, a wave of refugees has been provoked by the conflict between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The Soviet Union was a master and far outnumbered other conflicts by, among other things, expelling, relocating, and destroying millions of nations and ethnic groups.
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Is the State of Israel a thief of Palestinian and Syrian water resources?

The world media is intensively dealing with the issue of the Middle East. Unfortunately, it is becoming a sad truth that many media, human rights activists and peace fighters professing the ideology of multiculturalism and political correctness blindly adopt the Palestinian version of story and history and accuse Israel of all wrongdoing. Sufficient lies have been mapped, I will point out another in this article - the accusation that Israelis are stealing water from Palestinians and Syrians.
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Is the State of Israel guilty of ethnic cleansing?

In recent years, a number of commentators have accused Jews in Israel of trying to "cleanse" the state of Israel of the Arab population during the War of Independence ( 1948-1949 ). What is the truth? As has been written many times, on November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly adopted a UN resolution dividing the former British Mandate Territory into a Jewish and an Arab state.
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Israeli operation in the Janin refugee camp

The operation in Janin, together with the case of Muhammad Dura, became a symbol of tragic anti-Israel disinformation during II. intifada, spread by the world media, NGOs and the UN. The newspaper operation was dubbed "Janingrad" and was intended to give the idea that Israel was committing the same atrocities and inhumanity on the Palestinians as the Nazi troops in Stalingrad.
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Jewish and democratic at the same time?

There are now emerging views that the Israeli demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a "Jewish state" is undemocratic, contrary to the principle of human rights and freedoms. Can the Jewish state be democratic?
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Journalist intifada in photographs

The case of the photo "Palestinian beaten by an Israeli soldier on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem" entered journal history as one of the biggest anti-Israel lies, along with the aforementioned cases of the so-called Janin Massacre, during which Israel was to commit a colossal massacre of Palestinian civilians, which was not true. Another of the many false pieces of information was the perjury of Israeli soldiers in the murder of Muhammad Dura. This accusation again proved untrue.
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Massacre of Palestinians on the beach in Gaza

The state of Israel faces not only a military and terrorist threat, but also media hostility. In June 2006, journalists accused Israel of a horrific war crime: Jews were to commit mass murder of the civilian population. According to some journalists, Israeli soldiers were supposed to attack and kill an unsuspecting Palestinian family who were resting and having fun on a Gaza beach for no reason. As with all cases published by Pallywood, all objective evidence that could convict Israeli soldiers of prosecutable crimes against humanity was lacking. Of course, the massacre was not authentically captured; the "appropriate" documents were only later provided by journalists from the Pallywood editing room, while the footage was naturalistically arranged.
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Myths and facts about the treatment of Arabs by Jews

Left-wing anti-Zionists accuse Israel of being the one who fueled hatred between Jews and Arabs. He portrays Israel as the sole culprit of the tragic confrontation between Israel and the Arab states.
What are the facts? Anti-Zionists spread a lot of myths and untruths. I will mention only some.
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Relations between Jews and Arabs in Palestine until 1947

We can often come across the claim that the Jews only brought violence to Palestine, against which the Arabs had the right to defend themselves. Have Arab-Jewish relations really been strained since the founding of the Zionist movement?
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Settlement in the Holy Land

The world's attention is still focused on the Middle East. No other country was fought as hard as Israel / Palestine. It is a small piece of land, its area is definitely smaller than our Moravia. Today, there are fierce and irreconcilable battles between Jews and Arabs over this country. Both sides claim this territory for themselves. I will now make a brief historical excursion into the settlement of this country.
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The boycott of BDS or the spirit of Nazism comes to life AGAIN

BDS? Who are the people behind the BDS brand? B as boycott, D as divestment (withdrawal of investment), S as sanctions. What do these people actually believe? In their irrational thinking, the State of Israel is rooted as a demon in the Middle East, a racist state seeking to establish a policy of apartheid, likening Palestinian Arabs to Jews in the Warsaw ghetto and Israelis to Nazis carrying out the "genocide of the Palestinian people."
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The sad story of the Arab peacemakers

The Middle East region is marked by tragic wars between Jews and Palestinian Arabs. The Jewish population began to fulfill their dream of rebuilding their lost homeland in Palestine. After the rise of Mufti Hussein, the initial harmonious coexistence between the two ethnic groups turned into irreconcilable hatred, which resulted in a series of bloody pogroms against the Israelites. To appease the Palestinians, the British responded in the worst way, by publishing a White Paper to keep Jewish immigration to a minimum, virtually leaving Jews at the mercy of the Nazi rage.
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THE STATE OF ISRAEL: Its Establishment and the War of Independence (I.)

Sixty years ago, on May 14, 1948, David Ben Gurion declared the State of Israel in the hall of the Tel Aviv Museum. Immediately after the declaration of independence, the armies of five Arab states crossed the borders of the former mandated Palestine, from the north Lebanese, from the east Syrians, Iraqis and Jordanians, Egyptians from the south. On the day independence was declared, Tel Aviv was bombed by the Egyptian air force. The Arabs wanted to destroy the State of Israel. But Israel was ready for war.
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THE STATE OF ISRAEL: Its Establishment and the War of Independence (II.)

During the armistice, Israel made every effort to improve its military situation. Israel brought weapons, especially from Czechoslovakia. Immigrants from Cypriot internment camps were included in existing combat-fighting units. On July 2, 1948, a new kibbutz was built under the Syrian Highlands. It lay eight kilometers from the area occupied by the Syrian army, which was conquered by Mishmash Ha-Jarden. Kibbutz Kfar Ha-Nasi ( President's Village ) was inhabited by immigrants from England and Australia in honor of Chaim Weizman. One week after the establishment of the kibbutz, settlers found themselves in the middle of the battle, when Syrian troops broke the armistice and tried to occupy the west bank of the Jordan River.
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THE STATE OF ISRAEL: Its Establishment and the War of Independence (III.)

The resumption of fighting in the south on October 15, 1948 also caused the resumption of fighting in Jerusalem. That day, a Muslim Brotherhood unit blew up a terminal in the suburbs of Arnon. The next day, the Arab Legion blew up the Israeli outpost on Mount Zion. The Israelis took revenge by blowing up an old tomb on the same slope where the legion had its local headquarters.
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The tragic failure of Amnesty International

After World War II, in which freedom was expensively redeemed, losses were counted: the war cost 55 million people and the Jews in Europe were almost exterminated. This was a strong impetus for the creation of the UN and many humanitarian organizations, which set themselves the task of not repeating the horrors of war and genocide and preventing wars. However, the war conflicts in the world did not cease, the swords did not turn into blades. The Middle East is at the center of events, where huge oil fields have been discovered. In 1948, the State of Israel was established, which was immediately invaded by the surrounding Arab countries, whose goal was to destroy an independent Jewish state from the very beginning, although its existence was guaranteed by world powers.
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The truth about the International Solidarity Movement

What exactly is the International Solidarity Movement? The leaders of this movement call themselves a non-violent organization defending human rights anywhere in the world. Let's see if this is really the case.
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The wonderful story of Joseph Nasi

Many people certainly know Theodor Herzl, the author of "The Jewish State," who became the father of modern Zionism. But almost no one knows Joseph Nasi. This name belongs to the ancient past, but it is worth remembering.
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Tragic confrontation in Lebanon

In the 1980s, Israel became the target of overwhelming criticism from the international community. To this end, it is necessary to mention some necessary facts that put this procedure in perspective. After the "Black September" during which Palestinian terrorists were expelled from Jordan, they settled in Lebanon, from where they launched raids on northern Israeli cities.
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Truth and myths about the Six Day War

Europe and Israel. Where they went wrong? Why do 60% of Europeans hate Israel consider this country the biggest threat to world peace? A Norwegian left-wing thinker has said that Israel no longer has a right to exist. Why did the beloved cheerful brave state become the number one aggressor, the site of imperialism, the enemy of all progressive Muslim states, seen by the eyes of the European left as a victim of colonialism, while Israel is denigrated as the cause of all evil, especially in leftist dailies like The Gurdian ?
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UN anti-Israel bias

The UN was founded by 51 countries, the vast majority of which were democracies. The situation has changed since the 1970s - the UN had 144 member states and almost all of them were totalitarian, despotic, undemocratic, mostly with one political "state party". These were Soviet bloc countries, which often trained various anti-capitalist terrorist commandos. The Muslim and African countries together formed a working majority, so that no action against terrorism could be discussed at all.
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Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto

Before and during World War II, the Nazis set up a number of ghettos and extermination camps. The largest ghettos were located in Warsaw and Łódz. There were 200,000 Jews in the Łódz ghetto, of whom 45,000 died of starvation, fatigue and exhaustion. The Warsaw ghetto was equally harsh and inhumane, killing 83,000 Jews in less than twenty months. From 1942, the deportation of Polish Jews to death camps began.
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What about the term "Jewish Bolshevism"

Surely each of us who attended nine-year elementary school has heard of this term. The term "Judeo-Bolshevism" is used not only by various Nazi groups ( although National Socialism, ie Nazism, has a lot in common with classical International Socialism and Communism ), but also by right-wing people. It should be noted that indeed the number of Jews who supported and led the revolution was above average in relation to the population and the Jewish minority in what was then Russia and later in the Soviet Union. But we need to see things in context.
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What preceded the War of Independence?

After World War II, the territory of Palestine was administered by Great Britain, which still prevented Jewish immigrants from entering the Holy Land, and Jewish refugees were interned by the British in concentration camps in Cyprus. Anti-Semitism was very much alive in Europe even after the Nazi rage, on July 4, 1946, Poles murdered 42 Jews in Kielce, forty-two hours later, Polish Jews set out for the Holy Land.
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When evil is portrayed as good and good as evil

What is good and what is bad? Humanity has been dealing with this issue since ancient times to the present. Once upon a time, the recognized character values included diligence, self-sufficiency and determination. People with these qualities enjoyed respect and recognition, and the environment sought to achieve the same status. Now, however, envy prevails in society, capable and hard-working people face squabbles, sometimes even hatred from their fellow citizens.
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When hope dies

The history of Israel / Palestine is burdened by a tragic past, bloody animosity between Jews and local Arabs. Despite the many losses of many of their loved ones, the Israelis believe that the only solution to the situation is to find some way together, and fund any peace settlement project with the Palestinian population, build hospitals, schools, factories, build desalination plants, employ Arab workers from Palestinian Territories. But do Palestinians share similar views?
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Who are the "right Jews"?

Before I get to the issue mentioned in the title, I will briefly analyze all directions of anti-Jewish hatred. Anti-Semitism is one of the oldest prejudices in the history of the world. Anti-Jewish prejudices include religious anti-Judaism, racist ( biological ) anti-Semitism, and political anti-Zionism. All these ideologies are very similar, but we find some differences.
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Who cares about the Palestinians?

Who really cares about the basic human rights and a dignified life of Palestinian Arabs?
Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other countries have strongly warned Israel against violating the human and inalienable rights of Palestinian citizens. However, all Muslim states have done far less for their Palestinian-Arab fellow citizens than the State of Israel.
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Who is to blame for the absence of peace?

Some people blame the endless violence between Israel and its Arab neighbors for the state of Israel. Since the events of 1947-1949 have been sufficiently described, I will not return to them. I would just like to remind you that the Arab states did not recognize the Jewish state after the first Arab-Israeli war and refused to conclude any peace treaty with it. Palestinian terrorists ( Fijads ) carried out constant terrorist attacks against Israelis during the 1950s and 1970s, but seldom responded, and the situation worsened in the 1980s.
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