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  • Coastwatchers

    📕17.064 🕔14.06.2005

    The Coastwatchers, also known as the Coast Watch Organisation, Combined Field Intelligence Service or Section C, Allied Intelligence Bureau, were Allied military intelligence operatives stationed on remote Pacific islands during World War II to observe enemy movements and rescue stranded Allied personnel. They played a significant role in the Pacific Ocean theatre and South West Pacific theatre, particularly as an early warning network during the Guadalcanal campaign.

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  • Colonel General Heinz Guderian

    📕28.973 🕔31.08.2005

    Creator of German tank units

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  • History of the Marines

    📕23.853 🕔02.06.2005

    The history of the United States Marine Corps is astounding. It embodies the struggle for survival and the ability to adapt to a changing world. The Marines are a significant part of the US Navy, although they have undergone a different development. The Marines, like other parts of the army, have an Armed Service. Although it is the smallest of all the components, it clearly demonstrates the quality and usability of the Marines.

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  • Lieutenant General Leslie Groves

    📕15.347 🕔04.07.2005

    ... During his service, Groves soon gained a reputation as a capable and efficient officer who could handle even the most impossible problem. On the other hand, he was also considered an arrogant commander, with whom it is difficult to cooperate. In 1941, Colonel Groves was given the task of building the Pentagon, US Army headquarters and the world's largest office building. After Pearl Harbor, he joined the US Army's construction projects ...

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  • War in the Pacific - Part 1

    📕42.465 🕔02.06.2005

    The causes of the war in the Pacific

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