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1970 - Home made tank

I will try to outline to you the enormous efforts of one man who did not accept the regime in what was then Czechoslovakia and in 1970 tried to cross the border in a relatively original way. The article is written in the way the machine was born, ie the idea and technical origin of the machine up to the final brief "deployment". I deliberately omit political and other similar considerations.
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AFV Photo Album vol.1

Information about a new publication on our market from the pen of one of our colleagues.
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Bloody battles of the 7th Mechanized Corps

Description of the advance of the tankers of the 7th Mechanized Corps during the liberation of Czechoslovakia from the pen of the well-known author Petr "Dolin" Dolezal.

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Elmurza Bimurzajevich Dzhumagulov

With his crew he destroyed in fifty tank attacks 15 tanks and 8 self-propelled guns of the enemy and other enemy equipment. He was wounded four times in combat. On 26 September 1944 he was named Hero of the Soviet Union.

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Jan Bacik

Bacik is trained as a machine gunner. He applies for a transfer to the bomber air force (as a machine gunner), but is not granted. Instead, he is transferred to the paratroopers and becomes a member of the Wolfram group, together with Reznicek, Běrský, Matula and Černota, commanded by Josef Otisk. The fate of the Wolfram group is sufficiently documented and there is no need for me to elaborate. Bačík remains in England and after his recovery is transferred to the tankers, where he eventually becomes an instructor.

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JAWA 250 type 11

The Jawa "Perak" motorcycle is a legendary machine that was of great importance for the then Czechoslovakia and Europe at the time of its creation. Its origin dates back to 1942, when the first prototypes were created in secret.

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KV-1 "Relentless"

I was inspired to write an article by a series of photographs in the publications below, an effort to find out if the color side view in Militaria is good (not !!) and, last but not least, one of the new 1:35 Trumpeter kits. I will try to briefly describe the history of the KV1 machine called "Relentless".
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KV-2 in the settlement Raseiniai

An example of a fierce, brave, yet futile battle of the Soviet Second Tank Division's KV-2 is the Battle of Raseiniai
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On his birthday

Taran, the weapon of heroes!
... or talking about the tank T-34/76 of Stepan Christoforovich Gorobec.
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The last and most widespread version of tanks of serie T-10 had a new stabilized cannon M-62-T2 with more power.

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T-34 Tank of Heroes!

It's hard to write about a machine as good as a T-34. Although it is possible to find some details on the net, they did not satisfy me in many ways. It is very general or non-Czech. I will try to give it to you as I wrote it down in the text.

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Despite its two-member crew and the associated overload of the tank commander by charging and operating weapons, the machine was characterized by low noise, dexterity, to its category strong armor and solid armament. T-70 tanks can be boldly ranked among the most successful designs among the WWII light tanks.
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The most famous Soviet tank ace - Dmitry Lavrinenko

First shot, hit! Second, hit! The charger loads one grenade after another! The third hit! Charge, the fourth sits! Next, the fifth German tank is on fire! Charge and reload. Hit! Charge. Hit!!!
Life story of a World War II tank ace.

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Tigers under fire

The German Tiger tanks are shrouded in many legends or untruths, and even today there are many rumours about them. One of the main ones concerns their armour and "bulletproofness". In this article, we will attempt to look into the archival reports of combat units and the results of test firings to see how it was on the battlefield and on the polygons.

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US four-engine bombers in the USSR?

In today's article, we will look at certain chapters of American technology in the USSR during World War II. One of the most famous operations in which US bombers and fighter aircraft participated en masse is undoubtedly the operation codenamed Frantic.

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