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  • Beaver Wars

    📕25.317 🕔04.07.2005

    The Beaver Wars, described as the bloodiest war on American soil, were waged by Iroquois tribes in the 17th century, shortly after the arrival of whites. The reason for these wars was the effort to gain a monopoly on the fur trade with the Dutch.

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  • Iroquois

    📕36.940 🕔19.10.2004

    The term Iroquois was used to describe five Native American peoples living in vast forests in the area southeast of Lake Ontario (in what is now New York State), south of the Canadian border - the Seneks, Cayugs, Oneids, Onondags and Mohawks. They were mostly settled farmers and hunters. By about the middle of the 15th century, five tribes had fought hard among themselves, and since the satisfaction of the death of a member of the tribe could only be satisfied by the death of the member of the tribe who caused it, the fighting was essentially endless.

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  • Roger's rangers

    📕26.854 🕔26.04.2005

    The first unit for special operations

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