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  • Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II. The great

    One of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs, who became famous for the battles of Kadesh.

  • Gaius Iulius Caesar Octavianus Augustus

    Gaius Octavius was world famous as Octavian and later as Augustus. He was born in September 63 BC Father and grandfather Octavian both had the same names. At the age of forty, Caesar's interest in the young Octavian was clear. Caesar secured him respect and a position in his church. They were more and more like a father-son relationship. The most important respect given to Caesar Octavian was Octavian's promotion to the patrician aristocratic class in 45 BC; a year later, Octavius was to accompany Caesar in his campaign in the East, but Caesar was assassinated just a few days before leaving. In his will, Caesar named Octavian as his son and successor. Gaius Octavianus thus became Gaius Iulius Caesar Octavianus. Since then, the Roman world has known him as "Caesar," but future generations have known him as "Octavian,"

  • Beckov Castle (castle ruin) - Slovakia

    A massive, legendary and proud castle towering over the village of Beckov. The seat of Stibor from Stiborice. It will fascinate everyone passing by.

  • Cachtice Castle (castle ruin)

  • Dobrá Voda Castle

    It is located in Slovakia in the district of Trnava in the Trnava region and in the Nitra Stool on a ridge outcrop in the northern part of the Little Carpathians near the village of Dobrá Voda

  • Gýmeš Castle

    The well-known castle of the Forgačov family in the Nitra capital. Built in the 13th century and today it is a ruin that has not withstood the ravages of time.

  • Korlatka Castle

    description of the castle history

  • Oponice Castle - Slovakia

    The castle is located in western Slovakia in the district of Topoľčany in the Nitra region and in Nitra Stolice on a wooded hill of the Tribeč mountain range in the Ponitrie Protected Landscape Area between the Nitra river and the Tribeč mountains in the southeast of the village Oponice at 333 meters above sea level.

  • Tematín Castle

    The ruin of this castle is located in Slovakia in the district of Nové Mesto nad Váhom in the Trenčín Region and in the former Nitrianská Stolice above the village of Hrádok on the side western ridge of Považský Inovec at an altitude of about 570 to 590 meters above sea level.

  • M6

    In October 1940, the Ordonance Department created a specification for the development of a new type of Heavy Tank with approximately 76.2 mm and 37 mm cannons and a weight of about 50 t.

  • Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

    He was born the son of Mark Anni Vera, whose family came from Spain. Mark's mother was Domitia Lucilla. He changed his name to Marcus Annius Verus Catilius Severus. His popularity with Emperor Hadrian was fatal for him. Marcus was the nephew of the emperor's wife Sabina. At the age of six, he was promoted to equestrian status, etc., the team predestined everyone to the throne. This intention of the ruler was evident as early as 138, when Antonius Pius, himself now adopted by Hadrian as his successor, was obliged to adopt Marcus Aurelius and Lucia Vera.

  • OT-90 HYBRID

    The vehicle is designed in the style of the new world trend of hybrid vehicles.

  • Colonel in memoriam Josef BRYKS

    " I have been innocently in prison for over nine years for good and self-sacrifice for man, and I have experienced disappointment in the overestimation of the Czech soul. " In Leopoldov in 1952. A Czechoslovak and English pilot who spent most of his life in a German and then a communist prison.

  • Publius Aelius Hadrianus

    The Roman emperor, who had great military experience and became famous for building a large defensive wall, which was also called Hadrian's Wall.

  • Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius

    The Roman emperor of the dynasty of adoptive emperors was one of the best known and most popular emperors of Rome, during whose reign in Rome there was relative peace and tranquility.

  • Roman Emperor Caracalla

    The eldest son of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus and his wife Julie Domna's daughter Bassianos of the Syrian Piester dynasty. He was born on 4 April 186 (according to some sources, his date of birth is given as 4 April 188) in Lugdunun (Lyon) under the original name Septimius Bassianus. Later, as his father's co-ruler, he adopted the name Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. He earned his nickname Caracalla (since 213), which went down in history as his name after the Gallic cloak he liked to wear and which was fashionable in his time.

  • Roman Emperor Nerva

    Nerva was one of the short-lived emperors, but he is known as the founder of the dynasty of adoptive emperors and thus formed the basis of the most beautiful time of imperial Rome.

  • Titus Flavius Vespasianus

    Roman Emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus

  • Titus Flavius Vespasianus Junior

    son and successor of Vespasian, father's co-ruler from 71 AD, ruled independently from 79 AD to 81 AD

  • Valerius, Maximianus Marcus

    A Roman soldier and viceroy, who entered mainly in our history as the commander of a unit that spent the winter in 179 to 180 in Laugaricia (today's Trenčín).

  • German military cemetery - Hunkovce

    Photographs from the current state of the German Military Cemetery - Hunkovce in the Svidník district, eastern Slovakia


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