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  • Airco DH.3

    The Airco DH.3 was a British bomber aircraft of the First World War. The DH.3 was designed in 1916 as a long-range day bomber by Geoffrey de Havilland, chief designer at the Aircraft Manufacturing Company. It was a large biplane with wide-span three-bay wings, slender fuselage, and a curved rudder. It was powered by two 120 hp (89 kW) Beardmore engines, mounted as pushers between the wings. In addition to tailskid landing gear, two wheels were placed under the nose to prevent it from tipping over on the nose.

  • Albatros D.III

    Monograph of a German fighter aircraft from the First World War.

  • AMX-13

    Since 1952, France has produced about 3,400 of these light tanks in various modifications. From the beginning, he impressed with his low silhouette, small size, powerful cannon and high mobility. Thanks to these features, it was widely applicable, not to mention that this tank is easy to transport by aircraft due to its low weight.

  • Avia BH-33L

    The Avia Ba-33 was created at the instigation of the MNO, which wanted the installation of a powerful three-row engine of domestic production Škoda L in the BH-33E airframe. The aircraft was characterized by very pleasant and easy piloting, high speed and climbability.

  • Frederick C. Blesse

    You look forward to this moment all the time at school, but when you are left with an entire plane without an instructor, your hands sweat profusely. They warned me about the hole at the end of the runway, so I repeated during takeoff, don't forget the pool. After a few circuits, I chose landing practice. The landing was beautifully soft and I completely forgot about the pool in the joy that I am only good. Of course I parked in it. For another 6 weeks, everyone was pretending to be a poolless Blesse.

  • HMS Ark Royal (1914)

    HMS Ark Royal was the first ship designed and built as a seaplane carrier. She was purchased by the Royal Navy in 1914 shortly after her keel had been laid and the ship was only in frames; this allowed the ship's design to be modified almost totally to accommodate seaplanes. In the First World War, Ark Royal participated in the Gallipoli Campaign in early 1915, with her aircraft conducting aerial reconnaissance and observation missions. Her aircraft later supported British troops on the Macedonian Front in 1916, before she returned to the Dardanelles to act as a depot ship for all the seaplanes operating in the area. In January 1918, several of her aircraft unsuccessfully attacked the German battlecruiser SMS Goeben when she sortied from the Dardanelles to attack Allied ships in the area. The ship left the area later in the year to support seaplanes conducting anti-submarine patrols over the southern Aegean Sea.

  • Lothar-Siegfried Freiherr von Richthofen

    A brief biography of a WWI fighter, the brother of the famous Red Baron

  • M3 Lee

    The Medium Tank M3 was first put into action at the Battle of Gazala on May 27, 1942. It can be said that it was one of the main engines of the Allied victory in North Africa.

  • M3A5 Grant II

    The radial gasoline engines used by the M3 Lee began to be inadequate at some point in production, as priority was given to supplies to aircraft factories for training aircraft.

  • The story of armored cars or how Rolls-Royce conquered the desert

    The story of combat armored cars begins in 1899, when the British inventor Frederick Simms built the world's first combat car " Military Scout ".

  • Semovente L3 da 47/32

    The Semovente L3 da 47/32 was Italy's first attempt to make a tank destroyer by placing the 47mm 47/32 cannon on an armored vehicle, designed in 1939-1940.  In this case, the chassis of an L3/35 tankette was used.


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