SRB - Bumbar

Противоклопни вођени ракетни систем Бумбар
Protitank guided missile "Bumbar"
Proтивоклопни вођени ракетни систем "Бумбар"

The Bumbar (Бумбар - Bumblebee) protitank guided missile is an undisputed achievement of the collective of the Vojnotechnicki institut (Vojnotechnicki institut) in Belgrade, under the leadership of PhD. Miodrag Kobilarev. Although at first glance the missile in particular resembles a copy of the French/Canadian Eryx system, the Bumbar is the result of its own development, which began sometime in 1994 and involved more than 20 people at the VTI and another hundred at collaborating companies at the time of the most intensive work.

The result is a modern anti-tank missile with a tandem cumulative warhead, guided by wire, with semi-automatic guidance (SACLOS), using modern construction materials and contemporary electronics such as CCD cameras and signal processors. The ejection charge gives the missile only the minimum velocity needed to launch the missile from confined spaces. The tracer on the rocket is made up of dozens of pulse-excited IR diodes synchronized with the sampling of the CCD cameras, and together with the use of modern digital filtering algorithms, the guidance system is highly resistant even to active jamming devices such as the Russian "Stork". The guidance system no longer has an optical sight, the image from two cameras /wide and narrow field/ and thermal imaging operating in the 3-5 um band is displayed on a microdisplay.

The missile has a range of 600 m given by the conditions of the specification, firing tests have shown that by changing the missile (coil with wire and motor) it is possible to achieve a range of up to 1000 m.

Calibre - 136 mm, length of the missile - 900 mm
Missile weight - 10 kg
Tandem cumulative warhead of 136 and 55 mm calibre
Blast - 800 mm RHA behind dynamic protection
Distance min. - 60 m, maximum - 600 m in 4,3 s
Starting speed 18 m/s, maximum 250 m/s
Length of the set - 1164 mm
Total weight of the set - 18 kg
In production - since 2006.

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