SOV - UB-16-57 (raketnice)


The caliber of the main 57 mm, the number of the main 16, the weight of the rocket launcher without rockets is 54 kg and with 16 rockets it is 117 kg.

The entire construction of the rocket launcher consists of the following parts:

1. a body in which 16 mains are stored
2. front and rear aerodynamic cover
3. two blind eyes
4. front and rear support
5. power line plug connections with sockets for rocket plugs
6. missile holder

They are mainly screwed to the body (3 screws at the front, 1 at the back). The rear aerodynamic cover is removable after unlocking and briefly turning it to the left. Open and closed positions are marked with red arrows "open", "closed". When mounting the rocket launcher on the hanger, the suspension eyes are tightened with a torque wrench.

Source: teaching texts for L39
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The UB-16/57U missile blocks were armed in the Czech Republic MiG-21 (F-ka 2 blocks, MF and MA-čka up to 4 pieces - depending on the number of hangers), we fired at them at every shooting (shooting range Manětín, Jínce-Bělečko etc.....). Basically, they were in the arsenal of every fighter aircraft in our country, drills such as Mi-17, Mi-24 already pulled UB-32 (higher load capacity) ......
Such a view of the Mi-24 squadron during a one-time launch from beyond the horizon and the subsequent hell created at the site of the missile impact - do not see it, I do not believe - comparable to the napalm attack in action movies .....
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UB-16/57 UMP in front
behind it is the greater UB-32A.
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