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CZK - Bleskovicová náložka (počinka) BP-1

Detonating cord BP-1

The BP- 1 flashbang charge (hereinafter referred to as BP- 1) is designed to ignite charges delivered to the explosion by a flashbang ignition network.
It is brought to ignition only by means of a lightning rod. It belongs to the category of incendiaries.

Main parts
Aluminum cavity with a diameter of 6.95 mm and a length of 44 mm, it is closed on one side with a solid bottom and on the other side with a hole for inserting the flash tube. It is at first sight identical to the Ž fuze, but to avoid confusion the bottom of the BP- 1 is notched.

The explosive charge fills about 2/3 of the aluminium cavity and is filled with Np 10T explosive weighing 1.25 g. Np 10T explosive is a mixture of 90% pentrite and 10% TNT.

Description of operation
BP- 1 (in practice, the designation of the origin is more commonly used) is used to ignite flashbang ignition networks. Only the lightning rod is fed to the explosion, in conjunction with the fuse it is non-functional. It is connected to the flash tube by means of detonating pliers. Within the BP- 1 flashbang ignition network, it transfers the detonation between the flashbang and the charge. The BP- 1 is attached to the charge by inserting it into the detonator receptacle and securing it with a detonator screw. In case the charge is made of plastic explosive Pl Np 10 or Pl Hx 30, it is necessary to make the detonating receptacle with a mandrel (included in the plastic explosive transport box) or use other available means (stick, wire, pencil, etc.). However, never excavate the plastic explosive pit with the BP- 1 alone coupled with a flashbang!!!!

Packaging and shipping
BP- 1 are packed in paper boxes. The boxes are divided inside by a grid of hard paper, creating beds for each BP- 1 separately. Each box is divided by the grid into twenty beds, i.e. the box holds 20 BP-1. The boxes are further packed two by two in paraffin paper and covered with a layer of wax. This protects the BP- 1 from getting wet. In the case of long-distance transport or storage in warehouses, the double boxes covered with wax are placed in transport boxes of 50 pieces each, i.e. 2000 BP- 1 in each box.

Safety when working with BP- 1
BP- 1 is not as sensitive to shock, impact or temperature as detonator Ž. Nevertheless, certain rules and safety principles must be followed when working with BP- 1.
BP- 1 must always be stored and moved in its original boxes.
Only one piece of BP- 1 is ever used, i.e. always remove one piece from the original box and never work with several pieces at once.
Splices with the lightning bolt are to be made principally with the detonating pliers. Never use combination pliers, different vises, tooth clamps, etc. to make connections.
Do not use BP- 1 that is obviously mechanically damaged, deformed, has oxidation marks, etc.
Never blow, scrape or otherwise forcibly remove dirt in the insertion area. If dirt is found in the cavity, tap it lightly on the fingernail and try to remove the dirt by tapping. Failing that, remove the BP- 1 in question from use and destroy it at the end of the task, along with any remaining ammunition.
In the case of inserting BP-1s into plastic explosive charges, use thorns or other alternative material to make a sump. Never excavate the BP-1 pit itself, coupled with a flashbang!!!!!

BP- 1 and detonator Ž are very similar at first glance. They differ both in the way they are packaged and especially in the marking on the bottom of the cavity. [The detonator Z has a smooth bottom and the BP- 1 has a notch in the bottom. The BP- 1 can only be initiated by a flash bang, it does not work in conjunction with a fuse.

Regulation No. 2264 /SŽV/ 1980 issued by the Ministry of Defense of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in 1982
Workbook - Crack and Destruction published by VA Vyškov in 2005 under order number 45/2005
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CZK - Bleskovicová náložka (počinka) BP-1 - Bleskovicová počinka BP- 1 průřez

Bleskovicová počinka BP- 1 průřez
CZK - Bleskovicová náložka (počinka) BP-1 - Bleskovicová počinka BP- 1 krabička

Bleskovicová počinka BP- 1 krabička
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