Holek, Václav

Václav Holek

Winchester 1873, the Colt 1911, Parabellum P08's are in the world of weapons of legend that every little bit of knowledgeable people interested in weapons undoubtedly knows at least from the pictures and literature. Between such a legend, but it certainly belongs to the most successful light machine gun of its time, the ZB 26 and its modifications, today called clones. I'm not going to speak about business success stories, only I will state that it was produced under license in England, Canada, Australia, India, and Romania under different names and with different adjustments. In the second world war, fought on both sides, as captured is used mainly SS units. England after the war překomorovala for cartridge 7,62 x 51 NATO and was left in service with the army up to 80. years of the last century under the name Bren L4. Respectable career of arms, whose prvopočátky go back to the year 1921.
This weapon was designed by Václav Girl, who was born 24. 9. 1886 in the Small Nepodřicích in the Sand, he apprenticed at the puškařské company Jan Chmelik in the Sand and has graduated from the industrial school. Worked at puškařké firm Antonín Mulacz in Vienna and later with the well known firm of J. Nowotný in Prague, at which, inter alia, worked on the 37 mm zákopovém canon. In 1918 it passed into the newly established ammunition company of Praga, where, in addition to other weapons constructed a machine gun Praga vz. 24. In 1924, passes the Girls in Ms. Gun factory of Brno and in the function of the head of the experimental workshop of your machine gun improves and runs its production under the designation ZB vz. 26. A little later constructed a heavy machine gun vz. 37, adopted by the czechoslovak army as the infantry, and also as a basic weapon for the border fortifications. England this gun under license manufactured under the designation Besa for mounting in tanks and armored vehicles in the total number of 60,000 units and was exported to Yugoslavia, Romania, China, and Iran. Among his other design credits is necessary to give the anti-tank rifles, several pistols, machine guns and other machine guns, such as ZB 80, ZB 481 and also a LK vz. 52. Not all of the construction lead, but on the invention Holkovu this did not affect. Many of the things you like the handy craftsman-puškař made himself, with the calculations he helped his brother ing. Frantisek Holek and ing. Miroslav Rolčík. Its by fertility evidenced by the more than 75 registered patents and many enhancements to the weapons of the other constructors. Václav Holek, intimately nicknamed "pantáta", until his death he worked in the armory in Brno, where also 13. 12. 1954 he died. Always we are in the era of the independent state succeeded thanks to skilled workers and a very good system builders to produce weapons at a global level and Václav Holek was both in one person.

By: Jaroslav Lugs "small arms" II episode 1 the. the release of Our army, Prague 1956, Lubomír Popelínský "Českoslovencké automatic weapons & their makers" 1. the release of Our army, Prague 1999..
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