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Messerschmitt Bf 109
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Not completely complete development series Bf 109 with a brief description of the differences compared to the previous version and an attempt at a time sequence, which is not perfect because, for example, the production of G and K series overlapped in time. etc.

Bf 109 V1
completed his first flight in September 1935; a Rolls-Royce Kestrel engine (695 hp) was used as the engine.

Bf 109 V2 and V3
Unlike the V1, the Junkers Jumo 210A and V3 engines received two machine guns MG 17.

Bf 109 B-0
The first pre-production aircraft based on the V4 with two machine guns on the engine cover and one firing axis of the propeller.

Bf 109 A

Bf 109 B-1
The first serial model with a Jumo 210Da engine, a machine gun firing from the propeller axis is removed due to overheating.

Bf 109 B-2 (unofficial designation)
The double-bladed wooden non-adjustable propeller is replaced by a metal adjustable double-bladed propeller. The version was deployed in combat in Spain.

Bf 109 C-1
New engine Jumo 210 G, built into the wings another pair of machine guns MG 17.

Bf 109 C-2
Complete with a machine gun firing the propeller axis.

Bf 109 D-0 a D-1
New Daimler-Benz DB 600A engine (986 PS), three-bladed propeller, 20 mm MG FF cannon firing the propeller axis, machine guns reduced to 2 above the engine.

Bf 109 D-2
Machine guns supplemented by 2 in the wings.

Bf 109 D-3
Machine guns in the wings replaced by cannons MG FF.

Bf 109 E-0
Engine DB 601A with (1050 PS), armament 4 machine guns MG 17.

Bf 109 E-1
Direct fuel injection into the engine, most machines armed with 2 machine guns MG 17 and 2 cannons MG FF in the wings, part according to the E-0 standard.

Bf 109 T-0 a T-1
Modified version for service on an aircraft carrier with a hook (T-1), reinforced brakes and a slightly larger span.

Bf 109 E-3
The new DB 601Aa engine (1175 PS), reinforced with a pilot's protective plate in the cabin, it was planned to place a cannon for firing with the propeller axis.

Bf 109 E-4
Without a motor cannon, and increased firing rate of wing cannons.

Bf 109 E4/N
New DB 601N engine - increased octane number of required fuel. (1270 hp).

Bf 109 E4/Trop
Dust filters intake air into the engine reinforced.

Bf 109 E-5
Photo-reconnaissance version based on E-4 with Rb 50/30 camera.

Bf 109 E-6
Photo reconnaissance version as E-5 but with DB 601N engine.

Bf 109 F-0
DB 601E engine, refined engine cover geometry, extended bearing surfaces and rounded ends. Removed supports on the tail elevators.

Bf 109 E-7
The successor of the E-4, equipped with the possibility of hanging an additional tank (250 l.) Or a bomb (250 kg SC) under the fuselage.

Bf 109 E-8 and E-9
With DB 601E engine (1350 PS), E-9 in photo-reconnaissance version.

Bf 109 F-1
Re-introduced a cannon firing the axis of the propeller replacing the wing cannons.

Bf 109 F-2
Canon MG FF replaced by MG 151/15.

Bf 109 F-4
MG 151/15 replaced by MG 151/20, improved protection of self-locking tanks and cockpit.

Bf 109 G-0
New DB 605A engine.

Bf 109 F-2/Trop
With dust filters.

Bf 109 F-4/Trop
With dust filters.

Bf 109 F-4/B
Fighter bomber version with hinges for SC 250.

Bf 109 F-3
Engine DB 601E with petrol with a lower octane number than DB 601N u verzí F-1 a F-2.

Bf 109 F-5
Reconnaissance variant without cannon with vertical camera.

Bf 109 F-6
Reconnaissance variant, without any weapons, equipped only with cameras.

Bf 109 F-4/R1
Two MG 151/20 in gondolas under the wings.

Bf 109 G-1
The DB 605A-1 engine used a pressurized cabin.

Bf 109 G-3
Same as G-1, FuG 7a radio replaced by FuG 16z.

Bf 109 G-2/R-1
A disposable wheel was used to replace the chassis when starting from a suspended additional tank or bomb, which replaced the spur wheel.

Bf 109 G-4
Same as G-2, with modified radio equipment as G-3.

Bf 109 G-1/Trop
Due to cooling problems replaced machine guns MG-17 with MG 131 caliber 13 mm.

Bf 109 G-5
MG 131 standard armament, GM-1 device to cover short-term increase in engine power).

Bf 109 G-5/R-2
Two 30 mm cannons for the possibility of hanging in gondolas under the wings.

Bf 109 G-6
30 mm caliber for a cannon firing the propeller axis.

Bf 109 G-6/R-1
Fighter-bomber variant.

Bf 109 G-6/R2
WfrGr21 missiles suspended for deployment against bombing alliances.

Bf 109 G-6/R-4
30 mm cannons Mk 108 for wing gondolas.

Bf 109 G-6/R6
20 mm cannons Mk 108 for wing gondolas.

Bf 109 G-8
Reconnaissance version armed only with a motor cannon and a vertical camera.

Bf 109 H-1
Adaptation for pursuing at high altitudes with extended wings.

Bf 109 G-7
Experimental version based on U-2 and U-4 modifications.

Bf 109 G-12
A two-seater variant for training, as well as some G-1, G-5 and G-6 rebuilt.

Bf 109 G-6/N
Modified G-6/R6 for "Wilde Sau" with suppressed exhaust flames and FuG Naxos Z radar for night missions.

Bf 109 G-14
Improved G-6 with MW-50 or GM-1 engine injection device.

Bf 109G-10
Engine DB 605D (2000 PS), partly simplified cab cover.

Bf 109 G-10/R-1
Fighter-bomber variant.

Bf 109 G-10/R-2
DB 605DB engine, without machine guns and with a camera for reconnaissance purposes.

Bf 109 G-10/R-6
Additional 20 mm cannons under the wings against the bombers.

Bf 109 K-0
Armament 1x Mk 120 cannon in the engine and 2x MG 151/15 cannon above the engine, retractable wheel.

Bf 109 G-14/U4
Increased proportion of wooden rudder parts.

Bf 106 G-16
Armored oil cooler.

Bf 109 K-2
DB 605ASCM or DB 605DBCM engine (with GM-1).

Bf 109 K-4
The pressurized cabin, 30 mm cannon was to be changed from Mk 108 to Mk 103.

Bf 109 K-6
Battle version with 30 mm cannons in gondolas compared to the K-4 version and with 15 mm motor cannons replaced by 13 mm machine guns.

Bf 109 K-14
Engine DB 605L, armament reduced to 1x Mk 103 (cannon) and 2x Mk 131 (machine guns).

Terms used:

/ R (Rüstsatz - factory) - additional armament or equipment set
/ UR (Umrüstsatz - field) - used more often only as/U, additional armament or equipment set
/ Z - nitrous oxide injection (GM-1 equipment)
/ N - night fighter variant
/ Trop - variants for service in North Africa equipped with dust filters on air intake
/ AS - name according to the used motor variant, in this case optimized for heights

MW-50 - injection of a mixture of methanol and water for a short-term increase in engine power
GM-1 - nitrous oxide injection for short-term increase in engine power
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Bokorysy prototypů Bf 109 V

Zdroj: Vojna v vozduche č.08 Messerschmitt Bf 109 časť 1
Messerschmitt Bf 109 -

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Messerschmitt Bf 109 - Řez letounem Bf 109 F/G.

Řez letounem Bf 109 F/G.
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Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-0, VJ+WC, Werknummer 14003

Messerschmitt Bf 109 -

Messerschmitt Bf 109 -

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The Bf 109 V31 (reg. SG+EK, W.Nr. 5642) was the prototype used in the development of the Bf 309. It was used to develop and test the retractable fuselage radiator.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 - Zdroj:


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U Bf-109G-2/R-1 ten popis poněkud nesedí. Jediná varianta Bf-109 (respektive Bf-109G) s odhazovací záďovou podvozkovou nohou se jmenuje Fieseler & Skoda FiSK 199. Odhazovací podvozková noha byla namontována pro potřebu podvěšení a nesení 500kg bomby na centrálním závěsníku. Letoun dále nesl dva podkřídelní závěsníky pro přídavné palivové nádrže.
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