Junkers Ju 88

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Junkers Ju 88

series A

Ju 88 A-0
- pre - series version

Ju 88 A-1
- including versions A-1/trop and A-1 (F)

Ju 88 A-2
- small series version with auxiliary rocket engines

Ju 88 A-3
- training version of variant A-1

Ju 88 A-4
- including A-4/trop and A-4/torp versions

Ju 88 A-5
- Transitional version between A-1 and A-4
- including version A-5 (F)

Ju 88 A-6
- variant A-5 with anti-balloon barrage device

Ju 88 A-7
- training version of variant A-5

Ju 88 A-8
- variant A-4 with anti-balloon barrage device

Ju 88 A-9
- factory version A-1/trop

Ju 88 A-10
- factory version A-4/trop

Ju 88 A-11
- factory version A-5/trop

Ju 88 A-12
- training version of variant A-4

Ju 88 A-13
- Battle Variant A-4

Ju 88 A-14
- improved battle variant A-4

Ju 88 A-15
- version not produced in series with a large elongated bomb bay

Ju 88 A-17
- A-4/torp version without hull nacelle

series B

Ju 88 B-0
- project with an integral version of the cabin, only 10 pieces produced

Ju 88 B-1
- serial version B-0, not produced

Ju 88 B-2
- reconnaissance version, not produced

Ju 88 B-3
- battle version, not produced

series C

Ju 88 C-0
- conversion of Ju 88 A-1 to fighter aircraft

Ju 88 C-1
- planned production version C-0 (with BMW 801 MA engines)

Ju 88 C-2
- modified A-1 (with Jumo 211 B-1 engines)

Ju 88 C-3
- modified C-2 (with BMW 801 MA engines), not manufactured

Ju 88 C-4
- modified combat A-4 with a non-glazed nose and increased armament (Jumo 211 F-1 engines)
- including Ju 88 C-4/R (late model C-4 with Jumo 211 J-1 or J-2 engines)

Ju 88 C-5
- improved C-4 with BMW 801 D-2 engines, only 10 pieces

Ju 88 C-6
- version C-6a: daily fighter - modified C-4 with Jumo 211 J-1 engines, improved armor and armament
- version C-6b: night fighter - with radar FuG 212 Lichtenstein C-1
- version C-6c: night fighter - with radar FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 (+ some later with radar FuG 227 Flensburg and FuG 230 Naxos) and Schränge Musik

Ju 88 C-7
- Version C-7a: daily bomber and heavy fighter based on version C-6
- version C-7b: variant C-7a with bomb hangers
- version C-7c: variant with BMW engines and MG 151 cannons

series D

Ju 88 D-0
- Reconnaissance version based on A-5, small series production

Ju 88 D-1
- reconnaissance version based on A-4 (with Jumo 211 J-1 engines), production delay (started after D-2)
- including variant D-1/trop

Ju 88 D-2
- version D-1 with Jumo 211 G-1/H-1 engines
- including variant D-2/trop

Ju 88 D-3
- variant D-1/trop

Ju 88 D-4
- variant D-2/trop

Ju 88 D-5
- modified and improved version D-1/trop, resp.D-3

series E

Ju 88 E-0
- modified aircraft from version B-0

series G

Ju 88 G-0
pre-production night fighter version, FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 radar, 4 MG 151/20 cannons

Ju 88G-1
production version G-0, engines BMW 801D

Ju 88 G-2
G-1 version with redesigned equipment, production canceled

Ju 88 G-3
just a project

Ju 88 G-4
improved version of the G-1, minor changes in equipment

Ju 88 G-5
G-1 version, project only

Ju 88 G-6a
version G-4, engines BMW 801G (1700 hp), "Schräge Musik" standard 2 MG 151 cannons

Ju 88 G-6b
as G-6a version, additional FuG 350 Naxos, increased fuel capacity

Ju 88 G-6c
Jumo 213A engines (1750 hp), reduced fuel capacity

Ju 88 G-7a

Ju 88 G-7b
as G-7a with FuG 228 Lichtenstein SN-3 or FuG 218 Neptune VR radar (as Ju 88G-7n)

Ju 88 G-7c
as G-7a with FuG 240 Berlin N-1a radar

Ju 88 G-8
as a G-7 but with an H-2 fuselage

Ju 88 G-10
similar to the G-8, but used for the Mistel program

Ju 88 G-12

Ju 88 H-1

Ju 88 H-2

Ju 88 N
unofficial designation for one Ju-88C-4 equipped with a Nebelwerfer rocket launcher

Ju 88 P V1
anti-tank prototype, Modified A-4 with one 75 mm cannon KwK 39, engines Jumo 211J (1340 hp)

Ju 88 P-1
production model Ju 88P V1, cannon KwK 39 replaced by 75 mm cannon PaK 40

Ju 88 P-2
as P-1 with two 37 mm cannons BK 3.7 (Flak 38), conversion from A-4

Ju 88 P-3
as P-2 with improved armor, Jumo 211H engines, conversion from A-4

Ju 88 P-4
Jumo 211J-2 engines, offensive equipment reduced to one 50 mm BK 5 cannon

Ju 88 R-1
C-6b with BMW 801MA or 801C engines (1600 hp) and FuG 212 Lichenstein C-1 radar. Three MG 17 and one 20 mm MG 151/20 in front plus two MG FF in the abdominal gondola

Ju 88 R-2
Version R-1 with BMW 801D engines (1700 hp) and additional radar FuG 202 Lichtenstein BC and FuG 217 Neptun R. Some were also equipped with passive radar FuG 350 Naxos Z

Ju 88 S-1

Mistel 2
flying bomb composed of Fw 190A-6 (or Fw 190F-8) and Ju 88G-1

Mistel S2
training version Mistel 2.

Mistel 3C
flying bomb composed of Fw 190 A-8 and Ju 88 G-10. project

edited by FiBe (25-FEB-2014)
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Junkers-Ju-88-t13897#51873 Version : 0
Raritná snímka, the Junkers Ju 88 H-1, na ktorej right kráča (with a map in hands) Staffelkapitän 3.(F)/123 Hauptmann Höfer. Behind him kráča higher dôstojník (Oberst even.G. Friedrich Kiess?), ktorému predvádzal predmetný machine.

Flugzeug 2/1987, p. 31
Junkers Ju 88 -

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Junkers-Ju-88-t13897#622344 Version : 0
Ju 88 A-14 from KG 51 with MG FF cal. 20 mm in a modified sub-tube tub with a distinctive flame-emitting silencer.

The crew proudly display the 300th operational flight completed in front of the camera lens.

Griehl, M.: Rohrwaffen in flugzeugen der Luftwaffe bis 1945 - Waffenstände, Waffen-Arsenal, Band 188, 2001, ISBN: 3-7909-0733-2

Junkers Ju 88 -

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Junkers-Ju-88-t13897#642653 Version : 0
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