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Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum

Militärhistorisches Museum Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow

Vojenské historické muzeum ozbrojených sil - letiště Berlin-Gatow
Originální název:
Original Name:
Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr - Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow
letecké muzeum
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Museum Website:
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52°28'20.75"N 13°08'17.84"E
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osobní návštěva (listopad 2011), vlastní foto
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Aviation museum located at the airport There, which is no longer in operation. Most of the aircraft is exposed to outside, another part of the exhibition is located in two hangars and the administrative building.

The journey by public transport takes a little more time. From the subway station Spandau take bus no. 135, get off at the stop Kurpromenade. Here occur about 1.5 km away villa buildings on the airport.

The museum was opened in 1957. Originally a small exhibition based on a private collection of military items, now includes over 180 aircraft, on uniforms, airline equipment, air motors and other items. The museum also manages an extensive photo archive and a specialized library.

In the outdoor exposure exposed dozens of aircraft and means of air defense of the period from 50. years after present. Most of the exhibits come both from the armament of the west German Luftwaffe, the air forces of the NVA. Collection complements several aircraft from other countries (e.g., british Harrier GR Mk.1, Hunter F.6A, Lightning F.2A, the czechoslovak MiG-15bis 3905, the French Mystere B2, Mirage 3E)

In the hangars, we find, among other interesting aircraft of the 2. world war I (e.g., the Me 163B, the Bf 109G-2, the Ba 349A Natter, DFS 230A, Fi 156 Storch, the wreck of the Bf 108B, the Hs 293A-1, Fritz X) and replicas of the aircraft 1. world war I (e.g., Fokker Dr. I, Fokker D VII, Junkers D. I, Fokker E III, etrich club Rumpler Taube, the Siemens Schuckert D III)

The labels are only in German..
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - F-104G Starfighter

F-104G Starfighter
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - Nord Noratlas

Nord Noratlas
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - L-29 Delfin

L-29 Delfin
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - H-21C Shawnee

H-21C Shawnee
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - Fairey Gannet AS.4

Fairey Gannet AS.4
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Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - Breguet Br.1150 Atlantic

Breguet Br.1150 Atlantic
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - TM-61 Matador

TM-61 Matador
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - S-200 Vega

S-200 Vega
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - MIM-14 Nike-Herkules

MIM-14 Nike-Herkules
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - FuMG 65 Würzburg Riese

FuMG 65 Würzburg Riese
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Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - Me 163B

Me 163B
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - Ba 349A Natter

Ba 349A Natter
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - Bf 109G-2

Bf 109G-2
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - DFS 230A

DFS 230A
Berlín-Gatow - letecké muzeum - Saunders-Roe Skeeter

Saunders-Roe Skeeter
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the museum is constantly see and features, although compared to me navsteve in the year 2006 started to shrink in "size" - the plane was it from byvale vzletove and pristavaci dear to hangarum and into the hangar. Nothing but disappeared, on the contrary, the council of the aircraft was zrestaurovana and presunuta to the new hangar number 7, from the prime entrance to the right in the "alley of air defence". So even this time I spent over five hours time and decided it was worth it !.
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according to the mines on FB is There deprives the of two vystavnich bit, and the Bf-109 and a Fokker D VII Sad

Quote :

Jede Veränderung is zuerst immer Abschied, weil wir Platz brauchen. So verabschieden wir nun zwei von vielen Besuchern liebgewonnene Ausstellungsstücke. Der Nachbau einer Fokker D VII und die Messerschmitt Bf 109, die ein spanischer Lizenzbau aus der Nachkriegszeit ist, sind in Zukunft in Rechlin zu sehen.
Any change mean first of all a farewell, because we need the space for new things. So we said good bye that two exhibits well-liked by our audience. The replica of a Fokker D VII and the Messerschmitt Bf 109, which is build in Spain after the Second World War, will be part of the coming-up exhibition in Rechlin.
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