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CZK - Kulometná pistole vz. 38

Samopal vz. 38
Originální název:
Original Name:
Kulometná pistole vz. 38
České zbrojovky, n. p., Strakonice, Československo
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Hmotnost nenabité zbraně:
Weight Unloaded:
3,9 kg
9 mm
9 mm vz. 22
805 mm
Délka hlavně:
Barrel Length:
230 mm
Kapacita zásobníku:
Magazine Capacity:
Rychlost střelby:
Rate of Fire:
200, 600 ran/min
Úsťová rychlost:
Muzzle Velocity:
370 m/s
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
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Czechoslovakian submachine gun vz. 38. Submachine gun bol iba in šatádiu prototypov attacks never nedočakal serial production.
Ráž: 9 mm (vz. 22)
The total dĺžka: 810 mm
Dĺžka vlavne: 230 mm
Capacity: 24 nábojov
The rate of strelas:370 m/s
Hmotnosť weapons: 3,20 kg
Hmotnosť empty tray: 0.15 kg
hmotnosť naplneného tray: 0,378 kg
Kadencia (theoretical): 500 blows/min
Mode streľby. individual rifts doses.
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I know that is maintained about 9 pieces. Maybe some of them are successful copies. Several have been of Hall of traditions. I never, however, seen how they looked trays. I just added,that was * drum capacity and a straight stack. The weapon was constructed for the ride and fortifications. It is further likely to consider as the armament of the Air corps. The 300 metres was alleged to have the same parameters as the LK26.
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The submachine gun, in contemporary terminology, "machine gun pistol", it was marked vz.38 and was designed as an armament of border fortifications..
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the weapon was designed as a substitute machine guns vz. 26, for ŘOP therefore has a drum, which was mainly about the price (was 560,. Czk) should be in the 200m just as effective as a machine gun. Later, it was considered also of the armor of cavalry and therefore was constructed and the tray schránkový.
If you're starting a new topic try to write names correctly, otherwise it is the contribution of the total worthless (can't find).
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According to my information, had a drum magazine capacity of 92 shots.

When introducing this machine-gun pistol in the arsenal of the army (i.e. in the troubled days of the year 1938) had a few idea about the organization of the airborne troops - thus the air corps. Everything about this gun, it was only at the stage of considerations. I know, that have been already designed and even walking uniforms, but what is the armament for perhaps no steps were not performed. Paradesantní the special forces unit should be, perhaps, only one squad after the 4 cooperatives..
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According to the magazine Guns and ammo were machine-gun pistol vz. 38 developed as a weapon for the reinforced concrete bunkers in rugged terrain, which were separated by a distance of 50-100 meters. Then would the assembling of powerful and suitably more expensive machine guns seemed to be as uneconomical.
Trays were not two but three versions of the two mailbox at 24 and 36 rounds of ammunition, and a drum on 96 shots. Gun shot only dose it in two kadencích 200 and 600 shots/min.
Made of 15 pieces, according to the article accepted for testing, the number of surviving I anywhere did not find.
The exact dimensions and other parameters about the individual pieces slightly different, but I describe those of a magazine.
the total length of 805 mm
barrel length 230 mm
weight 3.9 kg.
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KP vz.38 first tried at the infantry and cavalry. Only ŘOP for him to found the application. The gun should be used in light objects of the pattern 37, where the distance between the objects does not exceed 70 - 100 feet.
Within 300 meters should have the same features as the LK vz.26. The Price Of 560 Rubles. Total was ordered 3500-4000 pieces. Except in the light of the objects still planned a possible use in armored turrets and the front embrasures..

Ota Pigeon "the River fort" in 1982.
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Photos: the Author of the article.
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VHU Praha, 8.5.2010 vlastní foto
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I don't want to believe it, but it is possible that it is in the literature of the fault, this is the submachine gun ČZ 247, the position of the tray to the side and down (sorry, better quality pics I can get, if it was, you would see i stamped with the designation of the ČZ 247):.
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Machine gun CZ vz.38 can be made from the constructional point of view and from the point of view of its parameters to compare with the German machine gun MP 38/40 and Italian Beretou 38/40. I believe that any comparison with a machine gun ČZB vz. 26 and the use of suddenly appeared with his fellow to a similar purpose, may be even from the point of view of the time only hypothetical, and only in the sense that both guns have fired bursts in automatic mode. The other match is not here.
You cannot ignore the fact that the machine gun vz. 26 used cartridge caliber 7,92x57 Mauser and its effective range was up to 2000 m and therefore the effectiveness of this weapon at a short distance, not with any sub-machine gun then at all comparable.
I believe that the concept of the use of this suddenly appeared with his fellow a similar purpose as for a machine gun, emerged from the overall neujasněných ideas about the role of this weapon, and from then the term "sentry gun", which was introduced only for the reason that English, or other languages not at that time, therefore, this weapon is the adequate expression. He was still used the expression "machine rifle" and "machine gun" (this expression is I think in the German language used to the present time).
It is not uninteresting that one of the serious reasons why not crowbar in greater numbers introduced into the armament of the czechoslovak. pre-war army, was unfortunately the conventional and generally accepted idea about the fact that the use of rifles for the infantry, it would be nothing unjustified waste of ammunition and resources..
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The term machine gun was and actually still is used for machine guns.

Very in theory, to repel the attack at a short distance ( within 100 - 200 m) would be a submachine gun with a large number of rounds in the magazine might not be such a bad idea, at this distance it is any stronger charge probably unnecessarily powerful, so heavy and requiring a large tray or frequent exchanges. Of course, cartridge belt this largely eliminates. However, a charge of 9 mm vz. 22 just isn't suitable, is too weak, in the context of the time and at that time enhanced the caliber (7.65 mm police and 9 mm army) will understand..
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I agree with the opinion that the machine gun in the fight for a shorter distance and in any tactical situation (defense, attack) the machine gun fully replaces the replaces, especially if it is for use against manpower of the opponent. This fact is completely confirmed in particular in the course of II. the world.war. My above opinion rather than being directed to a voucher on the fact that the role of the submachine gun was not the command of the czechoslovak. the pre-war army correctly understood and in terms of its tactical use in a future conflict, there were no, or only vague ideas..
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Yeah, unjustified waste of ammunition and resources Smile So a lot of states ospravedlnovala your decision, why not in their armament a machine gun...Then it's also a lot of armies at the speed she was driving, when in the war there was a need for guns firing dose for a short distance Smile Even Japan is trying to end the war to introduce my submachine gun Smile.
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So Japan is not only trying, it introduced the type 100. And we are in 1942....
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as regards Japan, the type 100 was adopted in 1940, the number 100 is actually odvolávka the japanese era, correctly there should only be two 00, but it probably wasn't appropriate so there is added one year 1940 corresponds to the year 2400 of the japanese era. In 1942 the guns were already in production and even in the first deployment, the marine paratroopers (for them, the weapon was originally intended) it used in January 1942, and the army paratroopers in February 1942. The first in the fighting in Manado in the north of the island of Celebes, and others in the battles at Palembang in Sumatra.
Waste of ammunition and resources is usually nonsense, machine gun was usually pretty cheap (at the level of the repeaters, which would soldier got instead of him) and ammo for it, it was significantly cheaper. The reason for this was more of a tactical concept for the army, which had somehow set assembly squads and platoons and for the use of machine guns in it was not just "window". Even where there are machine guns introduced, it was more so that it is received non-commissioned officers commanding the squad, than ordinary soldiers. Until later with more spread between the team. Just look at our army, and there was a machine gun originally solved exactly for fortification (because of the price especially ammo) and then for the cavalry (here expected that to be applied in the raids into the enemy rear) and only eventually tried for the infantry with the fact that power didn't know how to use him..
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on the use of cavalry (and is, therefore, designed a flat tray), it is stated quite commonly. In reality it was about that for the concept of what our had, with the submachine gun didn't therefore was tested as a replacement of the machine guns in the ŘOP and subsequently the army (probably under the slogan "if it will do" Smile ) where he threw more for cavalry than for the infantry in fixed positions.
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So for use in ŘOP I saw its main advantage in the fact that it would certainly the machine gun vz.38 came out cheaper than if widely used LK vz.26.I would also like to see her in it, that is not too large.Certainly it was tampered with better in a small space, what are the objects of the vz.37 Smile Especially could be good to use in front of the gun, where a light machine gun for its length of just couldn't fit....
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The reason for this was the price of 560,- czk and the fact that ammo was significantly cheaper and was it possible to store a greater amount. Counted with her for firing at short distances (shouldn't be the norm) where the objects of the vz.37 were very close and didn't count with the fact that, thanks to the terrain there could the vehicle..
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Ammunition storage due to the smaller dimensions, it was also certainly in ŘOP a welcome advantage of...too bad, that the machine gun could not be tested in practice.
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