Bella, Ivan

Bella Bella
Given Name:
Ivan Ivan
Jméno v originále:
Original Name:
Ivan Bella
Fotografie či obrázek:
Photograph or Picture:
brigádní generál ve výslužbě Brigadier General (Retired)
Akademický či vědecký titul:
Academic or Scientific Title:
Ing. M.Sc.
Šlechtický titul:
Hereditary Title:
- -
Datum, místo narození:
Date and Place of Birth:
21.05.1964 Brezno /
21.05.1964 Brezno /
Datum, místo úmrtí:
Date and Place of Decease:
Nejvýznamnější funkce:
(maximálně tři)
Most Important Appointments:
(up to three)
- prvý slovenský kozmonaut (1999)
- pridelenec obrany v Rusku (2004-2007)
- pridelenec obrany na Ukrajine (RRRR-2017)
- the first Slovak cosmonaut (1999)
- defense attaché in Russia (2004-2007) - defense attaché in Ukraine (YYYY-2017)
Jiné významné skutečnosti:
(maximálně tři)
Other Notable Facts:
(up to three)
- člen posádky Sojuz TM-29 (odlet 20.2.1999) na stanici Mir, pristátie s posádkou Sojuz TM-28 (28.2.1999) - crew member of Soyuz TM-29 (departure on February 20, 1999) at the Mir station, landing with Soyuz TM-28 crew (February 28, 1999)
Související články:
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Gáfrik, Andrej: Misia Štefánik: Dva dni v Bajkonure, Apológia 1999 / 04
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Given Name:
Jméno v originále:
Original Name:
Ivan Bella
Všeobecné vzdělání:
General Education:
Vojenské vzdělání:
Military Education:
DD.MM.1979-DD.MM.1983 Vojenské gymnázium SNP Banská Bystrica
DD.MM.1983-DD.MM.1987 Vysoká vojenská letecká škola SNP Košice
DD.MM.1979-DD.MM.1983 Military Secondary School of Slovak National Uprising
DD.MM.1983-DD.MM.1987 Military Air Force High School
Důstojnické hodnosti:
Officer Ranks:
DD.MM.1987 poručík
DD.MM.RRRR nadporučík
DD.MM.RRRR kapitán
DD.MM.RRRR major
DD.MM.RRRR podplukovník
DD.MM.RRRR plukovník
19.10.2021 brigádny generál vo výslužbe
DD.MM.1987 Lieutenant
DD.MM.RRRR 1st Lieutenant
DD.MM.RRRR Captain
DD.MM.RRRR Colonel Lieutenant
DD.MM.RRRR Colonel
19.10.2021 Brigadier General (Retired)
Průběh vojenské služby:
Military Career:
DD.MM.2004-DD.MM.2007 pridelenec obrany v Rusku
28.06.2008-01.01.2010 veliteľ posádky Bratislava
DD.MM.2013-DD.MM.2017 pridelenec obrany na Ukrajine
DD.MM.2004-DD.MM.2007 military attaché in Russia
28.06.2008-01.01.2010 Comander of Garrison Bratislava
DD.MM.2013-DD.MM.2017 military attaché in Ukraine
20.2.1999-28.2.1999 člen posádky Sojuz TM-29, prvý slovenský kozmonaut-
Gáfrik, Andrej: Misia Štefánik: Dva dni v Bajkonure, Apológia 1999 / 04
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He was born on 21 May 1964 in Brezno. He comes from the village of Dolná Lehota, Brezno district.
He is married for the second time, he has two children from his first marriage, one from the second. After graduating from the military high school in Banská Bystrica, he entered the Senior Military Aviation School SNP in Košice, from which he graduated in 1987. After school, he became a Mig-21 pilot in Bechyn. After the division of Czechoslovakia, he returned to Slovakia and became an airman - programmer of the Su-22 at the 33rd Air Base Malacky.
He launched into space as a cosmonaut-explorer with the crew of the Soyuz TM-29 (commander Viktor Mikhailovich Afanasiev, flight engineer Jean-Pierre Haigneré) on February 20, 1999 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The backup crew consisted of commander Salizhan Shakirovich Sharipov, flight engineer Claudia André-Deshays and cosmonaut-researcher Michal Fulier. Ivan Bella performed scientific experiments SK-1 to SK-6 for the Slovak Academy of Sciences on the Mir space station. He returned to Earth on the Soyuz TM-28 spacecraft on February 28, 1999. Slovakia thus became the 21st country to have its own cosmonaut and Ivan Bella became the 385th person in space.
Since 1 April 1999, he has worked at the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic as Head of the Verification and Treaty Development Department of the Slovak Verification Centre of the Integration and Foreign Relations Section, whose main task is to ensure the implementation of the Open Skies Treaty.
From 2004 to 2007, he was the Slovak Defence Attaché at the Slovak Embassy in Moscow with pre-accreditation in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Georgia. In June 2008, he became Commander of the Bratislava Garrison Command. As of 30.12.2009, he retired at his own request with the rank of Colonel of the Guards. Less than a year later, the process of his reinstatement began.
From 2013 to 2017 he served as an attaché of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic in Ukraine. In 2021, he was appointed to the rank of retired brigadier general.
Ivan Bella flew a total of 820 hours on Zlín Z-142, Zlín Z-143, L-29 Dolphin, L-39 Albatros, MIG-21F and MF, and SU-22.

Gafrik, Andrej: Mission Stefanik: Two Days in Baikonur, Apollogy 1999/04

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