24. střelecká divize [1942-1945]

24th Rifle Division
24. strelecká divízia - 2. formovanie
24-я стрелковая дивизия (24 сд) - II. формирование
24. střelecká divize24th Rifle Division
Originální název:
Original Name:
24-я стрелковая дивизия
Datum vzniku:
412. střelecká divize 412th Rifle Division
Datum zániku:
Nadřízené velitelství:
Higher Command:
13.01.1942-DD.03.1942 Archangelský vojenský okruh
08.03.1942-12.08.1942 3. uderná armáda
24.08.1942-01.09.1942 4. tanková armáda
01.09.1942-10.09.1942 1. gardová armáda
10.09.1942-24.09.1942 24. armáda
25.09.1942-07.10.1942 1. gardová armáda
07.10.1942-22.10.1942 4. tanková armáda
22.10.1942-07.02.1943 65. armáda
07.02.1943-09.02.1943 Donský front
09.02.1943-05.05.1943 62. armáda
05.05.1943-15.06.1943 8. gardová armáda
20.06.1943-08.08.1943 57. armáda
16.08.1943-10.09.1943 34. střelecký sbor
11.09.1943-15.09.1943 1. gardová armáda
16.09.1943-20.09.1943 6. gardový střelecký sbor
21.09.1943-09.10.1943 34. střelecký sbor
23.10.1943-08.11.1943 37. armáda
23.11.1943-03.12.1943 18. armáda
10.12.1943-29.12.1943 101. střelecký sbor
30.12.1943-12.03.1944 52. střelecký sbor
13.03.1944-27.03.1944 11. střelecký sbor
27.03.1944-07.04.1944 11. gardový tankový sbor
07.04.1944-09.04.1944 11. střelecký sbor
09.04.1944-14.04.1944 1. ukrajinský front
15.04.1944-17.08.1944 11. střelecký sbor
18.08.1944-20.01.1945 95. střelecký sbor
20.01.1945-28.01.1945 94. střelecký sbor
28.01.1945-06.05.1945 18. armáda
06.05.1945-DD.06.1945 17. gardový střelecký sbor
13.01.1942-DD.03.1942 Arkhangelsk Military District
08.03.1942-12.08.1942 3rd Shock Army
24.08.1942-01.09.1942 4th Tank Army
01.09.1942-10.09.1942 1st Guards Army
10.09.1942-24.09.1942 24th Army
25.09.1942-07.10.1942 1st Guards Army
07.10.1942-22.10.1942 4th Tank Army
22.10.1942-07.02.1943 65th Army
07.02.1943-09.02.1943 Don Front
09.02.1943-05.05.1943 62nd Army
05.05.1943-15.06.1943 8th Guards Army
20.06.1943-08.08.1943 57th Army
16.08.1943-10.09.1943 34th Rifle Corps
11.09.1943-15.09.1943 1st Guards Army
16.09.1943-20.09.1943 6th Guards Rifle Corps
21.09.1943-09.10.1943 34th Rifle Corps
23.10.1943-08.11.1943 37th Army
23.11.1943-03.12.1943 18th Army
10.12.1943-29.12.1943 101st Rifle Corps
30.12.1943-12.03.1944 52nd Rifle Corps
13.03.1944-27.03.1944 11th Rifle Corps
27.03.1944-07.04.1944 11th Guards Tank Corps
07.04.1944-09.04.1944 11th Rifle Corps
09.04.1944-14.04.1944 1st Ukrainian Front
15.04.1944-17.08.1944 11th Rifle Corps
18.08.1944-20.01.1945 95th Rifle Corps
20.01.1945-28.01.1945 94th Rifle Corps
28.01.1945-06.05.1945 18th Army
06.05.1945-DD.06.1945 17th Guards Rifle Corps
13.01.1942-27.01.1943 Prochorov, Fjodor Alexandrovič (Polkovnik / Полковник)
27.01.1943-10.07.1945 Prochorov, Fjodor Alexandrovič (Geněral-major / Генерал-майор)
Náčelník štábu:
Chief of Staff:
13.01.1942-DD.MM.RRRR Sobolev, Michail Ivanovič (Polkovnik / Полковник)
06.08.1942-07.09.1942 Marsov, Konstantin Petrovič (Podpolkovnik / Подполковник)
08.09.1942-24.09.1942 Gerasimov, Konstantin Ignatievič1) (Kapitan / Kапитан)
25.09.1942-09.11.1942 Serjogin, Alexandr Pavlovič1) (Major / Mайор)
DD.12.1942-DD.01.1944 Sivers, Ivan Timofejevič (Podpolkovnik / Подполковник)
DD.01.1944-DD.01.1944 Sivers, Ivan Timofejevič (Polkovnik / Полковник)
DD.01.1944-16.05.1944 Chamec, Dmitrij Achillovič (Podpolkovnik / Подполковник)
DD.05.1944-12.04.1945 Nagatkin, Ivan Petrovič (Polkovnik / Полковник)
DD.04.1945-DD.07.1945 Alexandrov, Nikolaj Dmitrievič (Podpolkovnik / Подполковник)
Podřízené jednotky:
Subordinated Units:
Čestný název:
Honorary Name:
06.01.1944-10.07.1945 Berdičevská
20.02.1944-10.07.1945 Samarská2)
20.02.1944-10.07.1945 Uljanovská2)
20.02.1944-10.07.1945 železná2)
06.01.1944-10.07.1945 "of Berdychiv"
20.02.1944-10.07.1945 "od Samara"2)
20.02.1944-10.07.1945 "of Ulyanovsk"2)
20.02.1944-10.07.1945 "Iron"2)
v bojujúcej armáde:
08.03.1942 - 10.02.1943
20.03.1943 - 08.11.1943
30.11.1943 - 11.05.1945

1) dočasne poverený

2) prevzaté od 24. streleckej divízie
in the army in the field: 08.03.1942 - 10.02.1943
20.03.1943 - 08.11.1943
30.11.1943 - 11.05.1945

1) temporarily

2) taken over from the 24th Rifle Division
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24th Rifle Division (2nd forming)

24-я стрелковая дивизия - II. формирование

In December 1941, the Vologda Oblast was formed 412th Rifle Division, which, however, was already renamed 24th Rifle Division (2nd forming) on 13 January 1942. This military serial number (24th) became vacant due to the disbandment of the 24th Rifle Division (1st forming) in December 1941, which was disbanded both because of its near-total destruction in combat, but mainly because of the loss of its battle flag. Which was in the Soviet Army, as a rule, always a reason to abolish a unit, regardless of its numerical strength. Later, an investigation revealed that during the retreat from the encirclement the flag was in the possession of the division's political department instructor, senior political officer A. V. Barbashev, who was killed in action near the village of Anutino on 6 August 1941. A local resident, kolkhoznik D. N. Tyapin found the flag of the division on the dead officer's body and buried the body together with the flag in the local cemetery. After the liberation of the village of Anyutino by Soviet troops in 1943, the flag was picked up and sent for restoration. What the implications of this were for the newly formed 24th Rifle Division will be seen in the next section of this paper.

Units of the division took part in the Battle of Stalingrad, the Donbass Offensive, the liberation of left-bank Ukraine, the Zhitomir-Berdichev, Proskurov-Cherniv, Lvov-Sandomir, East Carpathian, West Carpathian, Moravian-Ostrava, and Prague Offensive operations. On 6 January 1944, the division was awarded the honorary name "Berdichevska" - in commemoration of the victory achieved and for its distinction in the fighting during the liberation of the town of Berdichev.

On 20 February 1944, the division was ceremonially presented with a restored battalion of the former 24th Rifle Division (1st forming) as well as all its decorations (two Order of the Red Banner, except for the Revolutionary Red Banner of Honour, which was no longer awarded at that time) and honorary titles (Iron, Samara, Ulyanovsk). Thus, the 24th Rifle Division (2nd f,orming) became the de facto successor of the 24th Rifle Division (1st forming), which in the case of the Red, or of the Soviet Army, a very rare case.

On 8 April 1944, the division was awarded the Suvorov Order of the Second Degree. It was awarded by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for the exemplary performance of the tasks of command in the fighting during the liberation of the town of Chernivtsi and for the valour and courage shown by its members in doing so. This was followed ten days later by the awarding of another high, so-called military decoration - The Bohdan Khmelnitsky Order of the Second Degree - granted by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 18.

The division ended its war pilgrimage on 9 May 1945 with the liberation of the Czech town of Letovice, 100 kilometres from Prague, by liberating the Czech town of Letovice, which was 100 kilometres from Prague, on April 9, 1944.

On 10 July 1945, the division was disbanded, but its number had already been assigned to the 294th Rifle Division, which thus became the 24th Rifle Division (3rd forming), retaining all the honorifics and decorations of its predecessor, the 24th Rifle Division (2nd forming). It's a rather messy decision on the face of it, but the Soviets were masters at it during the Cold War. The constant renaming and renumbering of combat units, the abolition of units with rich combat traditions and, over time, the assignment of their numbers, honorifics and decorations to other units, was a method inherent in the Soviet military nomenclature of the time. This was done partly because of the incompetence or ignorance of the competent and partly in the interest of confusing the potential enemy. In this case, too, apparently as a result of the euphoria of a war won and the order to gradually reduce the Soviet armed forces from wartime to peacetime status, one of the oldest rifle divisions (in terms of succession to the 24th Rifle Division of the 1st forming) and one of the few units to be decorated with three Red Banner Orders, was disbanded. When those in charge realized this, its number was promptly assigned to the existing 294th Rifle Division, with the assumption of all decorations and honorifics. The fact that the 249th Rifle Division had absolutely nothing to do with the original 24th Rifle Division played no part.

In 1957, the 24th Rifle Division was renamed the 24th Motor-Rifle Division. This time, however, it was not because of fogging, but because of an across-the-board systemic conversion of rifle units into motorized artillery units.

In the post-war period, the 24th Rifle Division (3. Formation), or later the 24th Motorized Artillery Division, was stationed in the Prykarpattia Military District (the city of Lviv). The division's headquarters and its main part were located in the town of Javoriv in the Lviv region.


24. střelecká divize [1942-1945] - Prapor 24. samarské železné divize dělníků a rolníků Samarské gubernie

Prapor 24. samarské železné divize dělníků a rolníků Samarské gubernie

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3. března 1945 útočila na Liptovský Mikuláš a až do 10.3.1945 vedla boje v jeho okolí. 10.3.1945 odešla do zálohy velitele 18. armády. 4.4.1945 byla opět přesunuta na frontu k Liptovskému Mikuláši a útočila směrem na Ružomberok. 10.4. 1945 se přesunula na pravé křídlo 18. armády a byla zasazena do útoku na směru vedoucím od Milówky na Svrčinovec s cílem obchvátit Čadcu od severu. 26. 4. 1945 bojovala v okolí polské osady Sól.

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