Madsen (Maschinengewehr)

lehký kulomet
Original name : 7.92 mm Maschinengewehr Madsen
German name : 7,92 mm MG Madsen
Caliber : 7.92 mm
Charge : 7,92x57 mm
Magazine : 100 rounds in the belt (there was also a version with schránlivým magazine to 25 rounds)
Length : 1150 mm
Barrel length : 477,5 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Muzzle velocity : 700 m/s
Rate of fire : 1100 rounds/min
Manufacturer : Dansk Rekyt-Riffel-Sindikat A/S Madsen, Copenhagen
Machine gun designed by Theodore Shuboem was about the first light machine gun worthy of the name. In 1902, on his initiative the company was formed (referred to above) engaged in the manufacture of this machine gun. The original weapons should schránkový zásobníkpozději have been redesigned to supply the zones. Production was discontinued after 1942. The gun was tested and introduced in many countries of the world , including Czechoslovakia. We had chosen a machine gun vz. 26, but in many competitions with this gun was in the other countries selected Madsen..
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The machine gun was already in 1904, used in the russo-Japanese war and had a lot of modifications according to the needs of the customer and the development in the world. Just a caliber in which it was produced was reportedly more than ten. Surely it would be worth to describe the genesis of this interesting weapon. I managed to find a photo of this interesting weapon. The first is a machine gun from the production to russia in the caliber of 7,62 mm (perhaps from the Russian legions) focený in the military museum, the second picture is from the net and it also shows the older model with segmented reservoir.
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VHU Prague, 8.5.2010, custom photo.
Madsen (Maschinengewehr) - Ruský Madsenvz. 1904 v ráži 7,62x54R

"Ruský" Madsenvz. 1904 v ráži 7,62x54R
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