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5,45 mm samopal Kalašnikova sklopný zkrácený (AKS-74U)

Kalashnikov assault rifle, cal. 5,45 mm, folding, shortened (AKS-74U)

5,45-мм автомат Калашникова складной укороченный (АКС-74У)

5,45 mm samopal Kalašnikova sklopný zkrácený
Originální název:
Original Name:
5,45-мм автомат Калашникова складной укороченный
útočná puška
DD.MM.19779-DD.MM.1993 Tulská zbrojovka, Tula /
DD.MM.1979-DD.MM.1984 Výrobní sdružení Iževský strojírenský závod, Iževsk /
DD.MM.1984-25.11.1991 Výrobní sdružení Iževský strojírenský závod D. F. Ustinova, Iževsk /
25.11.1991-DD.MM.1993 Státní závod Izmaš, Iževsk
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Hmotnost nenabité zbraně:
Weight Unloaded:
2,71 kg
5,45 mm
5,45 x 39
490 1) mm
Délka hlavně:
Barrel Length:
210 mm
Kapacita zásobníku:
Magazine Capacity:
Rychlost střelby:
Rate of Fire:
700 ran/min
Úsťová rychlost:
Muzzle Velocity:
735 m/s
Uživatelské státy:
User States:

Gruzie (GEO)
Kazachstán (KAZ)

1) 730 mm s rozloženou ramenní opěrkou

index GRAU: 6P26

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Shortened automatic rifle AKS-74U (Автомат Калашникова со складывающымся прикладом образца 1974 года укороченный - Avtomat Kalašnikova so skladyvajuščimsja prikladom obrazca 1974 goda ukoročennyj) for use with special forces, paratroopers or armored vehicle crews. From AK-74 takes over the unchanged breech case, breech, drum and trigger mechanism and a folding frame shoulder rest. The barrel was shortened by 205 mm and at its mouth is screwed a cylindrical silencer with a funnel outlet. The sight is adjustable to two positions, for shooting at 100-200 meters and 400-500 meters. The lid of the closure case is not removable, but folds forward upwards. Due to the shorter barrel, the muzzle velocity decreased and the cadence increased. You cannot place a bayonet on the weapon.

The shortened automatic rifle AKS-74U is a fully automatic weapon with a locked breech and automatic drive by taking the combustion gases from the barrel and their pressure on the piston. The bolt is locked by means of a rotating bolt, the teeth of which fit into recesses milled in a locking insert which is fastened in the bolt housing by rivets. The drum device is tap with an automatic trigger and a delay. The closure housing is extruded from sheet steel and is covered from above by a hinged molded lid with reinforcing recesses. The hot-forged barrel bore is hard chrome-plated. A gas attachment is pressed onto the barrel, which also serves as a fly carrier. A cylindrical shock absorber with a funnel outlet is screwed onto the mouth. The forearm is made of laminated wood or plastic, filled with wood fibers, the stock is plastic. The frame shoulder rest is welded from steel U-profiles and folds to the left. The sights are open. The flap visor is height-adjustable to two positions. The fly is height-adjustable with a screwdriver. The sights are equipped with tritium dots under the notch on the visor and on the front sight. The magazine is a removable segment, cast from orange-brown plastic, with a steel bottom and glands, and has a capacity of 30 rounds. The weapon can also be used AK-74M magazine, injected from black plastic.

Technical data:
Type - AKS-74U
Caliber - 5.45 mm
Ammunition - 5.45 mm vz.74 (5.45x39)
Overall length - 730/490 mm
Barrel length - 210 mm
Weight of empty weapon - 2.71 kg
Weight of loaded weapon - 3.0 kg
Cadence - 760-840 rounds / min
Muzzle velocity - 735 m / s
Number of grooves - 4
Pitch of grooves - 196 mm right
Intentional length - 235 mm
Magazine capacity - 30 rounds
Note: Technical data differ in individual sources, regardless of the differences of individual variants of the weapon. Therefore, the data valid for the basic models are given here. In case the data in the literature differed, I leaned towards either the prevailing data or the current Russian data.

The AKS-74U machine gun has been manufactured by the Armory in Izhevsk (now Ižmaš) since 1979.

on the left side of the breech case with the mark of the Izhevsk armory (triangle with an arrow), the year of manufacture and the serial number. The serial number is also repeated on the back and lid of the bolt housing and on the right side of the bolt carrier. The fuse positions are marked with the embossed letters AB (doses) and OD (single shots).
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